Long Time No Talk – An Explanation

Wow, I have been absolute shit at updating my blog lately. And, so, long story short, here it is: I’ve been having a hard time managing my life lately. That’s not all to say it’s been all bad or anything of the sort (of course there is always, to the utmost unfortunate understanding, some bad). I’ve just been doing so much and finding some semblance of balance has been damn near impossible.

So, here’s a breif letter to say that I’m maybe a little sorry, but not too sorry. I have missed you all dearly, and I have missed writing most, but my life has been trying to work itself out and I’ve been trying to give it the energy to do so, but that has left very little energy for this blog, but worse yet it has left little time for any sort of writing at all. I have half-finished projects scattered about and a full heart aching to spill over.

But I’m getting beside the point. It’s been so long I hope you all still remember me. No worries on this end, I still remember you, dear reader and much-missed fellow blogger. And I have missed you. Yes, YOU! 

I’m working on some drafts, and I’m setting in motion making time for more writing, more blogging, and more work on the things I care most about. I hope you’ve all been well. I have (for the most part).

And I am happy to say I am praying that I will be back. SOON if everything goes to plan.

much love


One thought on “Long Time No Talk – An Explanation

  1. SAME I recently took a hiatus and have just uploaded a blog post in about 3 weeks and now I feel I’ll only be able to update once a week because life has just been too crazy. Well I hope life slows down for you a bit soon!

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