Movie Review Monday – Alien Hunter


(From IMDB)

An alien black box is found in the South Pole, where a government agency is conducting botanical experiments.

Alien Hunter

Directed by Ron Krauss

Science Fiction
Run Time:
92 Minutes
K-Mart – Bought
On My Shelf: 


This movie was…actually…pretty rad. I’m such a sucker for a poorly made alien movie; I can’t even try to pretend I’m not. And, I mean, just look at that cover. That’s the type of cover you look at and you just know this is either going to be terrible or awesome. This one was the latter. How fun!

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Anyway, I’m digressing. The movie I’m talking about is Alien Hunter, and I’m so happy to tell you you should totally watch this movie if you get the chance. There is a ton of awesome stuff happening in this film and honestly not really much negative at all.

I really liked the plot of this movie. It kept me focused, enticed, and on the edge of my seat with suspense waiting to find out what was going to happen next. This is definitely a plot driven movie and it freaking works. There weren’t really any plot holes, there weren’t too many open-ended questions that were brought up, which also leads me to say the open ending was phenomenal, and I found myself just overall really enjoying this film.

The acting was well-done, which can be the downfall of a made-for-dvd (tv) movie, but the acting in this film was fairly impressive. Also, James Spader is in this and he’s super young and if that’s not a metal mind **** for ya, I don’t know what is, man.

Finally, I truly enjoyed the special effects in this movie, and, no, I’m not talking about enjoyed how bad they are, I mean I truly enjoyed them. This movie is from 2003 and in some ways you can absolutely tell but in others you really can’t, and I think that’s pretty fantastic. Plus, just wait for that endingThose special effects were truly something and wowza I loved how this film ended.

Overall, this was a great movie and I definitely think you should watch it if you get (or make) the chance to. This was awesome, and I’d watch it again for sure.

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