Book Review – Spider-Gwen Vol. 0 and 1



In this universe it wasn’t Peter Parker who was bitten by a radioactive spider but instead Gwen Stacy. After the positive feedback and popularity received from a Spider-Verse crossover, Gwen Stacy has her own hit series! She’s swinging into town, fighting crime, and trying not to get caught by her father–NYPD Lieutenant. Will she be able to fight crime or will she crumple under the pressure and the weight of undesired outcomes?

Collects Issues #1-5 and #1-6

Spider-Gwen, Vol. 0: Most Wanted? by Jason Latour and Robbi Rodriguez

Genre: Superhero/Science Fiction
Release Date: November 2015
Source: Friend – Borrowed
On My Shelf: Sadly, No


absolutely loved this debut comic! Seriously, truly, honestly everything about it. I loved the story; I loved the characters; I loved the art. Everything.

The plot of this story was intriguing and surprisingly good for a debut. Latour impressed me with his story-telling/creating ability and kept me intrigued the entire way through this collection.

I liked what was happening, I liked the development, and I loved Gwen. She’s strong, dimensional, and a bit of a mess, but what teenager isn’t? And most teenagers aren’t dealing with the fact that they can now lift cars and swing from the tallest city buildings.

To top it all off, the artwork was beautiful. I fell in love on the first page. The colors, the details, the everything. Rodriguez does a magnificent job of bringing Gwen and her universe to life.

Overall, I have about zero complaints concerning this first issue, and I highly recommend you read it. Plain and simple. Easy as pie. … Just go do it already, alright?

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Spider-Gwen, Vol. 1: Greater Power by Jason Latour and Robbi Rodriguez

Genre: Superhero/Science Fiction
Release Date: May 2016
Source: Friend – Borrowed
On My Shelf: *crying* No


Like the first one, I truly enjoyed this comic. This story is so intriguing and one that I don’t find it easy to forget about. I actually read these comics awhile ago already, but I often think about how much I enjoyed reading them.

This first volume (kind of technically second?) was just as good as the previous in many ways. I enjoyed watching the characters grow even more and especially enjoyed Gwen’s relationship with her father. It’s nice to see healthy relationships in comic books, especially since it often seems so “easy” to leave out family dynamics. I’m glad this comic doesn’t do that.

Now, I did have to rate this volume a half star less than the previous solely for the reason that I’m not a huge fan of the Osborns in this universe (and also for that artwork change? um, WHAT? No.)I liked everything else about the plot, mostly. It’s quirky and fun and super great, but is it bad to say I wanted a bit more a fight instead of all this let’s try and talk our problems out? Okay. Okay! I know I was just praising the family dynamic, but I just needed more of a fight, okay??? It’s not that the plot or characters were bad, they just were…too calm. The culmination of story elements and devices kind of led up to a climax that wasn’t quite satisfying. (That’s what she said.)

Still, overall, I loved this and enjoyed the beautiful art once again. I definitely recommend this series and need to continue reading it!

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The End

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