Sex Object by Jessica Valenti


A collection of essays from Jessica Valenti relating what it’s like to be a sex object simply because she is a women. A brave correspondence from a women who has chosen to retell the things that most women want to forget. Not an easy read, but a necessary read.

Sex Object by Jessica Valenti

Genre: Nonfiction/Memoir/Essay
Release Date: June 2016
Source: Library – Borrowed
On My Shelf: It Needs to Be


Woah, this book hit me hard. This was such a raw look at being a women–especially living in a city. (But, then again, this shit happens everywhere, so does it really matter in the end?)

This was a tough book for me to read. I related to a lot of what Valenti was saying. Although we’ve had many very different experiences, we’ve had some that are all too familiar. Sadly, I’m sure the majority of women will find at least some piece of this memoir they will be able to relate to. It’s a personal story, but the overall concept seems…no…is an umbrella one.

This book will break your heart and at times will still give you some sort of hope that we can do better. We can make this world better for our daughters and their daughters’ daughters. Still, reading many parts of this memoir it may seem that we can’t. There are so many mixed emotions, but maybe that’s just me.

Even so, I applaud Valenti’s bravery to write down her experiences. They’re not easy to talk about. I find myself often repressing certain memories, to the best of my ability, as I don’t want to remember them because remembering them can be like reliving them and such experiences are ones I pray I never have to have again. We may not always see it as brave to write these happenings down, but I’m often terrified to talk about these terrible things that still make me feel dirty and invalid and at fault (even though I know I’m not), so it takes a rare kind of courage to be so open with someone you’ve never met.

Overall, I almost want to say that this should be required reading for every. single. personThere is so much to talk about and talking about/educating leads to understanding and understanding is the first step in creating a better tomorrow. I urge you to pick up a copy of this book. If you don’t have the stomach for it due to your past experiences, I understand. These topics are hard. Still, if you can, please read this book. It might help, if only so you don’t feel so alone.

This book will stick with you.

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The End

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