The Emperor’s Egg by Martin Jenkins


An educational children’s book about Penguins, their mating habits, and lifestyles.

The Emperor’s Egg by Martin Jenkins illustrated by Jane Chapman

Genre: Children/Picture/Education
Release Date: December 2008
Source: Book Depository – Bought
On My Shelf: Yes


I don’t know what possessed me to buy this book…okay…well…that’s a lie, I suppose. My love of penguins and the cheap price possessed me to buy this, but I’m still not 100% certain how I happened upon a children’s picture book that caught my attention so fully that I had to buy it.

Still, I’m glad I did buy this book.

The writing was above par and felt more like a fun story versus the educational book this one. I mean that in the best way. I enjoyed paging through this book and reading each page. It sounds strange to say that as a 25yo adult paging through a book written for kids perhaps around the ages of 3-6, but here I am saying it. I think this book would be a great resource for parents and classrooms with young children. 

Now, that is all, of course, wonderful and excellent, but what really kept my attention and caused me to love this was the absolutely beautiful illustrations. They’re the reason that I’ll most likely be keeping this book on my shelf. Jane Chapman’s work is, to put it plainly, absolutely stunning. I enjoyed studying every page and examining how she blended colors to create such beautiful images. Every page felt like a piece of art–like a painting you might see in a museum. I simply can’t get over how in love with these illustrations I am.

Between them and the writing, this is a great read for young children, parents with young children, or kept in a classroom with young children. This was such a fun little read, and I enjoyed paging through this and am ultimately glad that I spent the money on this, even if I wasn’t the target audience.

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