Movie Review Monday – Possession


Directed by Joel Bergvall and Simon Sandquist

Run Time:
85 Minutes
On My Shelf: 


Wow…just…wow. This movie was terrible. 

I went into this movie wanting to like it, thinking that it might be an interesting suspense/thriller, and I like Sarah Michelle Gellar, but this was just terrible. And, it was terrible right from the beginning. I almost gave up on watching this within the first 5 minutes.

This plot starts out scattered, uninteresting, and uneventful. The atmosphere never changes. Basically, this movie was simply boring AF. I found myself falling asleep or reaching for my phone in order to occupy myself because this plot took ages to go the short distance it did.

There was virtually no character nor plot development and the plot was not suspenseful in any way. I was expecting a tale that would chill me and maybe even make me shiver, as the storyline sounded like it had at least some promise, but there was nothing about this storyline that worked. I was not on the edge of my seat, and I found myself honestly not caring about any of the characters or what was happening to them.

The story was also incredibly repetitive. The same concepts and ideas were hashed out again and again while there were many plot holes in the story that were never addressed. Things were happening I suppose in the sense that the movie was progressing (I guess) yet nothing was happening at all.

The worst part, though, was how ridiculously predictable it all was. The clues were too obvious, and I knew how it was going to end from even before the halfway mark. Nothing about this story was a mystery and nothing about it thrilled me, so this was definitely a miss on the genre as well. It’s also marketed as a drama, which I guess basically fits the best as this felt like a soap opera, but worse.

Overall, definitely don’t pick up this movie. It’s not worth the time you could be spending on something worthwhile. Utterly forgettable.

The End

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