Hey everyone! Long time no talk!

This is Ashley previously @dreamingthroughliterature, but from this day forward this blog will be known as @ashlyreads.

Sorry for any confusion; I simply wanted to match up my blog names. Please stick around! I’m the same person and the content will not be changing ❤

I’ve been on a break trying to sort my life out and what not. The usual (you know?). It seems that that’s the reason I’m always on a break with WordPress.

Anyway, I’m semi back–I’ll be officially back hopefully starting Monday. In the meantime, check out the new look as Dreaming Through Literature got a makeover–how exciting! It’s fun to switch things up, don’t you think?

I’ll also be trying out a new layout for posts. Here’s what the weeks will, hopefully, look like:

Movie Review Monday
Book Review

Book Review

Writing Prompt Wednesday
Book Review

Book Review

Feature Friday
Book Review

What do you think? I’m excited for these changes. But, more so, I’m excited to get back into the blogging game. I’ve missed writing; most of all, though, I’ve missed you!

Much Love,

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The End

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Follow me on Snapchat: smashleyyy92.


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