Monster, Volume 7 by Naoki Urasawa


I’m pretty far into the series and I don’t want to ruin it for anyone, so I’m just going to say that Dr. Tenma continues his search for justice and getting to the bottom of the Johan situation. Who is the real monster? Maybe we’ve all got a small piece of the beast inside.

Monster, Vol. 7: Richard by Naoki Urasawa

Genre: Comic Book/Star Wars/Science Fiction
Release Date: October 2015
Source: Library – Borrowed
On My Shelf: No


This is going to be a pretty short review, as I don’t want to spoil anything, and, especially if you’ve been following me awhile, I don’t really have anything new to say about this series. I loved this volume almost as much as I’ve loved all of the ones up to this point. 

It’s really easy to distinguish why this one received a half-star dock: simply because I could really feel the absence of Tenma’s character in this volume. I understand that the plot was moving forward in a different direction to progress the story in a fresh way, but honestly I live for Tenma and was sad that he didn’t appear until towards the end of the story.

This volume was still fast-paced, tension-ridden, and intense, but it simply could have been improved by Tenma being more in the center of the story rather than other characters I don’t have as strong of a bond to. This could very well have just been a personal thin that bothered me but might not bother others, but I still found my experience a little lack-luster because of it.

That all being said, overall I still really enjoyed this volume, and I’m looking forward to picking up Volume 8. I definitely recommend this to fans excited about continuing with the series.

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The End

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