Haunted Wisconsin by Michael Norman


A collection of folktales, urban legends, and myths that have been rumored to happen in Wisconsin. Norman and Scott have compiled more than 70 paranormal happenings that have been witnessed, reported, or passed down from mouth year to year.

Haunted Wisconsin by Michael Norman and Beth Scott

Genre: Nonfiction/Supernatural
Release Date: December 2005
Source: Library – Borrowed
On My Shelf: No


I’m a Wisconsin native, so when I saw this at the Library I snatched it up because I’m also a sucker for the paranormal and weird happenings. I eat that s**t up.

I have to say that I wasn’t impressed with this collection. The writing was dry, the stories were uneventful, and most of them left me wanting more elaboration. Now, I do understand that this was a collection of paranormal stories and most are vague and left unanswered, but this collection lacked tension. This might be due to my own personal preferences, though. When it comes to books like this, I prefer more-so investigation-type reports, especially if the paranormal event/story doesn’t have much to offer to begin with.

Where I think this book failed is that it sort of wanted to be both of those things and, because it was confused, it was unable to be either. These stories were so uneventful and I felt that Wisconsin definitely has better folklore to offer. Some of these stories were just so boring that I was ready to start pulling out my hair from frustration. That’s the main reason I DNFed this book. I simply couldn’t do it anymore. If it hadn’t been due back to the Library within the next few days, I might have tried to stick it out, but it would have been a challenge.

The last thing that made this book not my thing was the bland writing that often had grammatical errors. I’m usually fine with some errors here and there. We’re human. Mistakes happen. Things can’t always be perfect. That’s fine. But the many scattered throughout this book paired with the boring writing caused me to check out from many of the stories so quickly. I can barely recall any that I read. And, even though I DNFed this, I did so with less than 80 pages left, so I read the majority of them, and I remember nothing. That’s a lie. I remember one about some lights and vaguely about a girl who haunted a saloon or hotel or something. But, jeez, this book was just not for me.

Overall, I don’t recommend this one. I think there are better books out there. Heck, I’m prety sure you could find better stories on the internet or even I could just tell you some better ones. Don’t waste your time with this book. 

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The End

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