Batman: Unseen by Doug Moench


There’s a new villain in Gotham and the only description Batman has of him is a man in a meat suit and, even worse, no description at all. In the hopes of showing up the famous story of the Invisible Man H.G. Wells created so many years ago, a new scientists drives himself insane to make his skin…and, well, everything else disappear completely! Will Batman be able to stop his new invisible enemy or has he finally met his match?

Batman: Unseen by Doug Moench and Kelley Jones

Genre: Comic Book/Mystery/Crime/Superhero
Release Date: October 2010
Source: Library – Borrowed
On My Shelf: It Needs to Be!


I knew I was going to love this because I absolutely adored the issue of Catwoman I read by Moench, so when I saw this comic volume at the Library, I knew needed it. The only regret I have is that I don’t own my own copy of it!

As you probably noticed in my synopsis, this comic is a play on H.G. Well’s story The Invisible ManNow, I haven’t actually read that story, but who isn’t familiar with it? I, myself, as a sci-fi enthusiast know much of the tale from second-hand exposure to it, so I was stoked to once again read something inspired by an awesome classic! I was not disappointed. 

But, as I said, how could I be when I already knew I loved the author’s work? This plot had me invested from the first couple pages and even, dare I say, the first couple panelsI was so ready for this crazy story and hated when I had to put it down in between. This was top-notch storytelling. There were even tons of jokes! I love when humor and horror are side-by-side, because isn’t that just art imitating life? And, art-imitating-life is the best kind of art. (Unless we’re talking about art-imitating-life-imitating-art…Kudos if you can name that reference.)

Wow, I’m like so good at digressing. Anyway…what to say next? The characters! The characters were excellent! The old favorites were the old favorites that we know and love, and the new characters were introduced well, given depth, and were given plenty of development. There was not a character that felt half-devoted or not real. In fact, everything about this story was so vibrant that I felt like I was walking two steps behind Batman and that I was experiencing everything right along side him. 

Which takes me to my next point! THE ARTOhmigosh THE ART! It was beyond brilliant, like, so beyond. I really loved the vibrancy of it and the way said vibrancy 1. helped to bring the comic book that much more to life and 2. made this comic feel like it fit right in with the sci-fi genre that inspired it and (bonus) 3. caused me to feel reminiscent of the ’90s. The coloring was so on point I can’t praise it highly enough. I loved looking at each panel. This comic was an excellent experience for both the mind and the eyes.

Overall, if you like Batman and you like Science Fiction, you have to read this one! It was so, so so, sosoososos good. I need my own copy so I can read it again and again.

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The End

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