Batman vs. Superman collected by Frank Miller


A collection of 6 stories (comics) where the famous duo have a battle of some sort for one reason or another.

Batman vs. Superman: The Greatest Battles collected by Frank Miller

Genre: Comic Book/Science Fiction/Superhero Collection
Release Date: December 2015
Source: Target – Bought
On My Shelf: No


Overall, I wasn’t overly impressed with this collection. But, there were some inclusions that I really liked, so to give them the praise they deserve, I’ll be reviewing each story briefly/individually below.

“The Battle” from Batman #612 (2003) by Jeph Loeb, Jim Lee, Scott Williams, Alex Sinclair, and Richard Starkings

This was by far my favorite story, and I’m not surprised since I’m a huge fan of Loeb’s work (i.e. The Long Halloween).

How could I not love this, though, when Catwoman makes an appearance and even Superdog is in it briefly?? I was just all around in love with this opening comic and wanted to keep reading the story.

The art was beautiful, the plot was awesome, and the characters were spot on. The collection is almost worth buying solely to read this story.

“One Night in Gotham City” from Man of Steel #3 (1986) by John Byrne, Dick Giordano, Tom Ziuko, and John Costanza


I really enjoyed this story too. I thought the fight between Batman and Superman was totally believable and I enjoyed watching everything unfold. The plot was intriguing and kept me glued to the page.

I also thought the characterization was perfect in this story. And, the villain was totally radical. She was so over-the-top, but it worked. The only thing that I didn’t like as much with this story was the art, but just by a smidge of a degree that didn’t really have any effect on my overall rating.

“Who Would Win?” from Superman/Batman #78 (2011) by Joe and Jack Kelly, Ed Benes, Pete Pantazis, and Steve Wands


This one was just alright for me. I really enjoyed the concept of it, but didn’t find that it had enough intensity to hold its own as an actual stand-alone comic story. I laughed and thought the ending was marvelous, but overall this one was just a bit above okay for me.

I had to add the extra half star, though, because the art was super pretty, and I loved the vibrancy of the panels. Benes and Pantazis’ work really upped this comic for me.

“Justice League” Part 2 from Justice League #2 (2011) by Geoff Johns, Jim Lee, Scott Williams, Alex Sinclair, and Patrick Brosseau


This one was super fun, but I felt that it should have been a longer feature. Maybe part 1 could have been included? The story kind of just jumped into the Batman vs. Superman fight without giving any explanation as to why. I wasn’t totally lost, but I feel like this could have been a 5 star rating out of me.

I was only going to give it 4, but I had to bump it up to that half because of, like the story above, that artwork tho. Wowowowowowow. I’m in love with this drawing and coloring work.

This story definitely left me wanting more, and I especially liked that The Flash was in this one.

“Batman: Endgame” Parts 1 & 2 from Batman #35-36 (2014) by Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, Danny Miki, FCO Plascencia, and Steve Wands


This was an enjoyable read and I don’t really have any major complaints. The art was pleasant, the characters were great, and the plot was reasonable. The reason I rated it 4 instead of 5, though, was that the plot was sort of hard to follow at times. I feel like if I had read more of this series I wouldn’t have had this problem, so it didn’t really affect my reading experience.

I’ll probably check out this series and start from the beginning because I did really like this feature.

“The Dark Knight Falls.” from Batman: The Dark Knight #4 (1986) by Frank Miller, Klaus Janson, Lynn Varley, and John Costanza

No. Just No.

I was confused as to why this was included in this collection as it didn’t really fit well with the other features, but then I realized that Frank Miller, who collected these battles, wrote this specific comic.

I’m sorry to say I didn’t enjoy this one at all. I nearly gave up on it at least 12.2 times. I should have. This story did not make sense as I feel it’s been taken out of context and needs the full storyline to make sense. I had absolutely no idea what was happen and could not enjoy this one.

Also, the writing seemed to be saying too much and nothing at all. I really dislike (this is me nicely saying hate.) it when there is extra text added to fill empty space. It just slows the reader down and is completely unnecessary to the plotline. Speaking of the plot, I didn’t like this one. I also didn’t like the art.

I just didn’t like anything about this story. I noticed my library has the full collection, but I won’t ever be pulling it off the shelf. Having this comic end this collection just left a sour taste in my mouth and really did not work for me.


This was an alright collection, but I think I would recommend skipping purchasing this and simply seeking out the specific comic runs as a whole that are only featured in this.

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4 thoughts on “Batman vs. Superman collected by Frank Miller

  1. Love your reviews and honesty! I just read my first graphic novel last month and fell in love. Couldn’t believe I’d been missing out for so long. But now that I’ve read one and enjoyed it more than I ever imagined, I’m on the lookout for others to read. And this collection sounds interesting! Plus, I love Batman. I may have to take my chances on this one and see!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! I’m so happy you’ve started reading graphic novels! I actually think this would be a great way to test the water of some Batman comics because it gives a nice mixture of different styles, eras, and story lines. It was an incredibly decent read, and I probably would have had better things to say if I didn’t dislike the last entry so much haha. Anyway, whether you choose to pick this one up or not, happy reading!

      Liked by 1 person

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