Star Trek “The City on the Edge of Forever” #2 by Harlan Ellison


Kirk and Spock return to the Enterprise to find that their conversation with the Guardians of Forever has altered reality as they know it. The remaining crew are in danger. Will the dynamic duo be able to save the future by going into the past?

Second installment in the comic “The City on the Edge of Forever.”

Star Trek “The City on the Edge of Forever” (Issue #2) by Harlan Ellison, Scott Tipton, David Tipton, J.K. Woodward, and Juan Ortiz

Genre: Single Issue Comic/Science Fiction/Show-Based
Release Date: July 2014
Source: Comic Store – Bought
On My Shelf: Yes


I picked up this at the comic store because it was only 50¢ and I love Star Trek, so I had to. How could I pass it up when it was so cheap? I couldn’t.

However, I was not being careful that day, and so I didn’t realize this was the second installment in a series. But, I read it anyway because I guess I like to live on the edge or whatever. (pun intended)

And, it all worked out.

I was able to easily jump into this story and invest in it even though I hadn’t read the first installment. I read Doctor Who: Assimilation, so I was already a bit familiar with the Tipton’s work, meaning I was excited to see their names on this comic. That’s a bit of a deviation, so getting back to the plot. I enjoyed this plot and found myself completely invested. The story is written the way a comic should be written–not too much text (just enough to get the story across) and lots of action.

There was a ton of action in this comic. I was surprised so much fit in to such a small amount of pages. (I love when comics surprise me like that.) The story also kept the original Star Trek feel, which was great. Just, overall, I really enjoyed reading this story, and I am definitely going to be on the lookout for the other installments.

I don’t have much else to say about this comic besides I loved it, but I will touch on the art. Basically, it’s amazing. The art is so freaking beautiful, omg! Every panel was just so pretty. I can’t get over it. The art works so well to bring the story to life. Plus, the coloring was vibrant and felt, to me, incredibly reminiscent of the TV series. It was similar yet its own thing all at once, and I’m so impressed.

Overall, this is a must-read for any comic book Star Trek fan. I enjoyed this story so much, and I need to read more! Hopefully I’ll be able to collect them all.

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The End


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