Face by Sherman Alexie

Synopsis A collection of poetry that explores Sherman Alexie from his own personal viewpoint and discusses many of the aspects of his life from young age, to growing up, to being an adult. A mixed bag of concepts and ideas. Face by Sherman Alexie ★★★★ Genre: Poetry Release Date: April 2009 Source: Library – Borrowed On My Shelf: No I … More Face by Sherman Alexie

the princess saves herself in this one by Amanada Lovelace

Synopsis A memoir-esque poetry collection that lets everyone, but especially women, that they do not need anyone else to be complete. Not to be confused with having healthy relationships, but instead encouraging the reader to have a healthy relationship with themselves before attempting to love someone else. the princess saves herself in this one by … More the princess saves herself in this one by Amanada Lovelace

Haunted Wisconsin by Michael Norman

Synopsis A collection of folktales, urban legends, and myths that have been rumored to happen in Wisconsin. Norman and Scott have compiled more than 70 paranormal happenings that have been witnessed, reported, or passed down from mouth year to year. Haunted Wisconsin by Michael Norman and Beth Scott ★/DNF Genre: Nonfiction/Supernatural Release Date: December 2005 Source: Library – Borrowed … More Haunted Wisconsin by Michael Norman