Flipping Brilliant by Jonathan Chester


In this short, inspirational book, Jonathan Chester uses penguins to illustrate why life isn’t so bad. Through the lives of penguins (and Patrick T. Regan’s photography), Chester gives us many reasons to be happy and reinforces why we shouldn’t be bothered by those little things that can sometimes irk us or even force their way into slowly consuming our lives. Look at some cute pictures of the cutest birds ever and remind yourself that life isn’t really all so bad after all.

Flipping Brilliant: A Penguin’s Guide to a Happy Life by Jonathan Chester and Patrick T. Regan

Genre: Nonfiction/Inspirational/Gift Book
Release Date: March 2008
Source: Gifted
On My Shelf: Yes



This is actually my 3rd (if not more?) time flipping (HA) through this short book. I revisit every now and then to give myself a laugh and lots of smiles.

I was gifted a copy of this from my parents for my high school (way back when) graduation because penguins are my favorite animals. That’s why I still reread this book–not frequently but–often, because I never tire of looking at cute pictures of penguins and being reminded that everything is actually most likely, maybe, probably going to be okay.

There’s not much, overall, to say about this book other than this is a wonderful read if you’re looking for a boost or if you, like me, just really love penguins. If you’re looking for some deep form of inspiration, this, however, is not the book for you. Everything in here is pretty light and superficial, but it does help for a little while at least. Plus, the photography is beautiful. The pictures are honestly what really make this book. Without them, I probably wouldn’t visit the pages as much as I do.

Overall, this is just a very cute book, and I recommend checking it out if you’re looking for a reason to smile. This is definitely something to keep on hand for those days that just don’t seem to go anywhere close to right. If you love penguins, bump this one up to a must-have,  because how can you pass up penguins??

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