Done Dirt Cheap by Sarah Nicole Lemon


Troumaline’s mom is in prison and Troumaline needs help from someone she thought she never would to help her smuggle in drugs, something that Troumaline never thought she would be doing. Virginia needs Troumaline to get close to Troumaline’s Dad’s motorcycle club because peddling drugs is no longer satisfying her boss. While they’re both using each other will they develop something deeper than such a superficial bond or will things end badly for them? Maybe it will be a little of both, or maybe they’ll get lucky and one will outweigh the other.

Done Dirt Cheap by Sarah Nicole Lemon

Genre: Contemporary/Mystery/Thriller
Release Date: March 2017
Source: Free Copy via Netgalley
On My Shelf: Maybe Someday


really enjoyed this book. My favorite part was the writing. Lemon has some serious talent in weaving lyrical and beautiful sentences. I found myself highlighting so many passages because they made me feel something, whether it be sadness, happiness, or I just appreciated how something was worded. I would have no problem recommending this based on the writing alone. 

But, I’m also recommending it for the story. I enjoyed everything about this plot and how all the events unfolded. I was on the edge of my seat excited to see what would happen next. I was seriously interested in what was happening to the characters and found myself fully invested in the plot and what was happening to and because of them.

Troumaline and Virginia were incredibly well-developed characters–dimensional, well-rounded, and likeable. I adored them both. However, I found many of the secondary characters to be underdeveloped. I enjoyed all of the characters, especially the two leading ladies–I’m always a sucker for kick-butt female leads, but definitely thought the secondary ones in this story fell to the wayside often. The two I had the most problem with were Troumaline’s parents. They needed so much more, especially her mom, and I felt that would have made the story even better.

While we’re on the subject of what didn’t work for me, I thought that the story sometimes handled time strangely. What I mean by this is that the plot jumped around quite a lot and often failed to demonstrate the passage of time well. There were some parts of the story that I had to reread a few times because I was confused as to how the characters were just at this place and now, all of the sudden, they were somewhere else with no explanation as to how they got there. I felt this problem a little bit past solely time passage though, and found some parts of the plot poorly explained or written in a confusing way. Still, this didn’t impact my reading experience too much.

Between the secondary characters needing more development and the sometimes confusing writing, they were why I docked my rating from 5 stars to 4. If these two things had been cleared up, this would easily have been a 5 star rating from me, because I really did enjoy this novel and found myself wanting more.

Especially so after that ending! I loved the cliffhanger ending of this novel and felt that it was fitting. It left me wanting more of the characters, and I felt that everything wrapped up nicely–and without the bow on top. I love a realistic ending. However, I did find a few plot holes throughout the story and was left a bit wanting at things that were mentioned in the beginning and never really resolved in a way that bringing up said thing made sense to the story. That wasn’t anything too detrimental, but I definitely think consistency was on the verge of being a problem with this story.

One final thing I want to touch on before I wrap up this review is the romance. I loved Troumaline’s relationship with Cash. (This relationship is hinted at right away, so I don’t feel that this is a spoiler.) I liked seeing the interracial couple in the typically white-ruled motorcycle club. This was awesome to see, and I liked that Troumaline actively worked to breakdown stereotypes and explain why this was something that shouldn’t be a problem. Everything about their relationship was wonderful and made sense with the story.

Virginia and *no spoilers*, on the other hand, did not work as well for me. Although I liked both characters individually, I didn’t really like them together. I also didn’t like that Lemon used the concept of, through Troulamine’s words, “Virginia was a different 18. She was an older 18 than I was.” to justify the age difference. The whole thing still left me unsettled solely because, well, Virginia is only 18 and a very damaged 18 that has no concept of what a healthy relationship is. So, it didn’t sit well with me. I wanted to like how things played out for her, but I just didn’t.

(Personally I totally was shipping Troumaline and Virginia and would have loved them to end up together *insert nervously laughing emoji here*)

Overall, I definitely had some issues with this book, but as a whole I completely fell in love with this story and Lemon’s writing. I will have absolutely no problem picking up what she writes in the future. In fact, I’m eagerly awaiting it. This book struck so many cords with me, and I absolutely recommend it.

Book will officially be released 7th March 2017

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*I was provided with a free copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. That did not sway my thoughts; all opinions are and remain my own.*

The End

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