Batman Versus Predator by Dave Gibbons


The infamous Predator has descended on Gotham City, and it’s after Gotham’s favorite hero. What will this new foe push the hero Gotham needs to. Will Batman be able to stop this reign of terror?

Batman Versus Predator: The Collected Edition by Dave Gibbons

Genre: Comic Book/Superhero
Release Date: April 1993
Source: Library – Borrowed
On My Shelf: I Kind of Want It to Be


I’m kind of obsessed with Batman comics, and I’m kind of not sorry at all for it. I snatched this one at the Library, and although I wouldn’t label myself as a Predator fan, I knew I had to read this. It was a pretty mixed experience. 

What I mean by this is that I wasn’t very impressed with the plot, but the writing wasn’t altogether bad, and I was super impressed by the art. See? A total mixed bag!

I’ll start with what I didn’t like: the plot. I found this storyline to be pretty bland, static, and boring. But, that’s how I find the Predator movies (the one’s I’ve actually persevered through to watch, that is), so I’m not someone well-informed about this villain nor a person who’s going to like this lineup for main villain/antagonist. There’s just not a lot of substance in the Predator villain and that showed in this comic. Like I said though, I’m not one to stand up for Predator.

That being said, I can’t really complain about the writing/storytelling. It was not bad nor boring. For me, the boring aspect of this plot came from the content/story base itself and not from the way Gibbons told it. However, I do not think Gibbons is a particularly good storyteller either. It wasn’t bad, but it definitely shows that he is an artist and not a writer.

Heck though, He is a mighty fine artist. Overall, I would have given the story and execution of it 2 stars, but because of the art, this rating went through the roof I originally thought this story would hit. This artwork is absolutely intoxicatingly beautiful. I mean, it’s honestly some incredible work. I was eager to take in every panel and found myself much more invested in the artwork than the story, which without a doubt increased my enjoyment of this comic.

Overall, I recommend this to readers like me who like to appreciate the art of comic books and not just the story, but if you’re solely a story person, this one probably isn’t for you–unless you’re a Predator fan.

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