The Slanted Life of Emily Dickinson by Rosanna Bruno


Emily Dickinson lived a pretty reclusive life from what we know of her, but what would have happened if she had been given the ability to be active on social media or the opportunity to try out weird hobbies we now enjoy? That’s what Bruno explores in this short graphic novel. Bruno plays with the idea of what Dickinson might have been like if she’d lived in the 21st century with all of us.

The Slanted Life of Emily Dickinson: America’s Favorite Recluse Just Got a Life! by Rosanna Bruno

Genre: Graphic Novel/Humor
Release Date: March 2017
Source: Netgalley – Free Copy Provided
On My Shelf: Not Currently – Perhaps Someday


I came across this title on Netgalley and knew that I had to read it. I’m so glad I did.

This was such a fun little graphic novel, and I enjoyed nearly every page of it! I say nearly because there were a few that were a bit beyond my grasp or just didn’t make much sense to me. But, they may have if I’ve read more Dickinson poetry than the measly amount I currently stand at. I think knowing more about her would have increased my enjoyment by a significant degree. That, of course, is not the book’s fault and is completely my own, so it didn’t affect my rating. Although, I do feel that a Dickinson enthusiast may rate this even higher than I did.

This book was so unique, and I totally loved the concept of it. Bruno clearly has a deep love for Dickinson and that definitely comes across in this book. There’s a sort of special touch to this that I’m almost entirely sure not just anyone could pull off. Bruno had me smiling on most of the pages and even chuckling out loud on many of them. 

I highly enjoyed the journey Bruno took me on in this novel and found myself sad when I came to the final page. I wanted more. I was really not ready for this story to end.

Overall, I absolutely recommend this to graphic novel and literature loving readers and especially to anyone who has a love for “America’s Favorite Recluse”. This book comes out March 7th–less than a month!, so be sure to keep your eyes open for it. This was such a fun read.

*I was provided with a free copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. That did not sway my thoughts; all opinions are and remain my own.*

The End

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