I’d Tell You I Love You, But Then I’d Have to Kill You by Ally Carter


The Gallagher Academy is not a normal school and the girls that attend it are not normal girls. Leading Lady Cammie Morgan’s mom is the headmistress of this school and a well-renowned spy. That’s the special criteria that all Gallagher girls are studying. It’s not a boarding school as the town the campus boarders thinks. It’s a spy school. But, when Cammie jeopardizes everything over an ordinary boy, will she find more consequences than she though possible, or could it be the start of happily ever after?

I’d Tell You I Love You, But Then I’d Have to Kill You (Gallagher Girls #1) by Ally Carter

Genre: YA Romance/Thriller
Release Date: March 2007
Source: Library – Borrowed
On My Shelf: Not Currently – Perhaps Someday


Wow, where was this book when I was 14??

Spies have always been something that I’ve loved reading about and watching movies about (i.e. Spy Kids was my favorite movie in like 4th grade). But, it’s always so hard to find books that don’t focus on men or a spy movie that doesn’t have Tom Cruise in it (in which case I won’t watch it because I cannot stand that guy).

So, even though this book was incredibly cheesy, I’m still just so happy it exists in the world. This is definitely a fluff read, but I was totally okay with that. This was simply an all-around feel-good book that was a quick yet awesome read.

What I really loved about this is that it’s totally girl centric. Having grown up with such a strong fascination with this type of plot, I can assure you that finding something like this was (and I’m sure still can be) far and in between. But, this is a great book that just supports all around girl-power. I liked that the drama in this book revolved around things other than “girl drama.” Don’t get me wrong, there was some, but it could definitely have been worse. I also thought it was awesome that there was really not a lot of friend jealously going on, which was such a breath of fresh air, since that seems to be the go-to when this many girls are involved. Instead, we got problems that were tackled nicely and girls who know how important their friends are and take pride in their diversity. This book came with some totally awesome female role models of all ages and skills. I personally loved that, and, like I said, this book would have been awesome for 14yo me!

Now, since it was adult me that read this, I was able to be a bit more critical than young me who would definitely without doubt given this 5 stars. But, adult me took off a half a star for a few things that bothered me.

One thing that caused half star docking was that I felt the secondary characters could have absolutely used some more development. They were awesome, and I completely enjoyed what each girl (or guy) brought to the table, but they had so much more to offer. However, I didn’t find this incredibly detrimental, because the plot was so fluffy that it would have almost seemed a bit tedious to go into deep character development. Even so, I could have used more.

The other thing that bothered me was occasionally the tone of voice. It was a little unbelievable that Cammie was writing a mission report. I understand that she’s a 15yo girl, but she could have still been a little more professional if it were to be believed that she were writing a report for her mother and teachers to read. In my opinion, this book would have done better if it were just told from her narrative and not made into something that it shouldn’t have been. It also irked me that, given what the reader is told to believe about this book being a professional document, that Cammie often writes in all caps and uses way too many exclamation points. However, even if we’re not supposed to believe that this is book is a professional summary of Cammie’s little “extra credit” project, these things would have still bothered me. Seriously. Do. Not. Overuse. Exclamation. Points. I don’t like being shouted at all the time.


Overall, this was such a fun read and I totally loved the premise of this one. This is 100% a feel-good book and a fluff read for those looking for one. Don’t expect any hard-hitting spy novel here, but definitely expect an uplifting girl-power novel that will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I can’t wait to read more!

Book Depository – $6.19

The End

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