Cavewoman “Rain Part 2” by Budd Root


Something like Planet of the Apes (I think?). I don’t know and I don’t particularly care.

Cavewoman “Rain Part 2” (Issue #2) by Budd Root (writer and artists) and Bradley Walton (letterer)

Genre: Comic Book/Sci-Fi
Release Date: 1996
Source: Comic Store – Bought
On My Shelf: No


I picked up this comic issue because I was drawn in by the cover (and it was only 50¢): however, I can’t say I really enjoyed this one…at all. It felt like a cross between Planet of the ApesJurassic Park, and The Goonies. AKA: It should have been awesome! But, I could not get into the plot.

I think starting from the second issue of this series had a huge impact on that. Now, I’m incredibly unfamiliar with this comic, so I can’t be too critical of it. But, I will say that I did not get into this story at all. And, even if this is the second issue, I should have felt at least some sort of connection, however superficial. I was so confused as to what was happening and also felt that not much of anything was actually happening at all. So, it really just turned out not to be for me.

I also found the characters were incredibly bland–like plain oatmeal or bran. They were also ridiculously shallow. I’ve already forgotten everyone’s name and cannot tell you a single thing anyone did that progressed the story. Although, I do remember Cavewoman punching a dinosaur, and that was pretty dang cool.

But, it also did not redeem the not-so-cool complete and total sexualization of her character clearly drawn erotically for the male gaze to the point that I was totally uncomfortable. 

So, overall, this comic was simply not enjoyable for me at all, and I don’t recommend it. Definitely not my thing and I will not be picking up any other issues of it. Oh well. I guess that’s how the cookie crumbles.

The End


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