Wolf, Vol. 1: Blood and Magic by Ales Kot

So, here’s take two.


Antoine Wolf is everything you’d expect from a tough paranormal detective and has a strikingly forceful death wish. That might be only for the reason that death is impossible for him, though. Wolf has tried. He’s been through hell and back, and yet he’s still, unfortunately, thriving in Los Angeles, California, which might be a hell in itself. Still, as if Wolf’s life isn’t messed up, it gets even more turned on its head when an orphaned girl turns up on his doorstep asking for his help. Will he do it? Find out what happens when myth meets reality.

Wolf, Vol. 1: Blood and Magic by Ales Kot, Matt Taylor, and Lee Loughridge

Genre: Paranormal/Mystery/Thriller
Release Date: November 2015
Source: ComiXology – Borrowed
On My Shelf: I Wish


I came across this comic and, not going to lie, decided to read it solely based on that cover. I mean, just look how pretty it is! I’m happy to say that the story inside was just as beautiful. I really enjoyed this comic collection.

Although I thought the plot could have used a bit more structure and answers to the many questions raised, I still really enjoyed it. I was hooked right away. This story immediately dove into a strange and sort of twisted fairy tale world where monsters exist, and they happen to be after a young girl.

I enjoyed the slow character introductions and the pace of the world building. It was simultaneously a slow burn and a sudden ignition. What I mean is that the story is unfolding in its own sweet time, but we’re thrust right into some awesome action. It was all nicely balanced.

The characters of this story were so easy to fall in love withI was instantly attached to all of them, wanting to learn more about them and their world. Although they felt a little trop-y at times, I didn’t think that had a negative impact on the story. They were falling into less-used and more enjoyable tropes than many of the ones that seem to be everywhere.

What else I really loved about this story was the artwork. O. My. God. This artwork was so beautiful. I loved literally everything about it. The style, the details (or sort of lack there of), the colors, the layout…literally just everything. The artwork really brought this story to life. So pretty!

Overall, I actually really enjoyed this read and absolutely recommend it. This is a great story for anyone who likes a good mystery with their fantasy.

Book Depository – $9.98

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