X-Man: All Saint’s Day by Ben Raab


Nate Grey, AKA X-Man, has met a young boy who is confined to a wheelchair. Nate wants to help this boy and so he travels all the way to Transylvania in search of a powerful sorceress who can cure the boy’s condition. Even though Nate seems to be doing this all for the good of the boy, there seems to be quite a bit of self-hate and some strange sense of atonement Nate feels the need to make. Will Nate succeed? Or, will his underlying motives cause more mayhem than healing?

“X-Man: All Saint’s Day” One-Shot by Ben Raab

Genre: Comic Book/Sci-Fi/Superhero
Release Date: January 1997
Source: Half Price Books – Bought
On My Shelf: No


I don’t have too much to say about this book today. It was alright, but nothing I would recommend. Parts were enjoyable but many just didn’t work for me.

The plot was something that didn’t work for me. I didn’t find this plot engaging. It was too much for such a short story. This story is maybe 30 pages, if that, and Raab tried to cram too much into it. Because of this, I felt that much of the plot was rushed without being properly setup. There was too much going on that it crossed the line making this story too unbelievable. And the ending was incredibly underwhelming.

Another thing that didn’t work was the writing. I found the writing to be boring, unexciting, and sometimes vague. Because Raab was trying to fit so much in, the writing felt rushed and didn’t allow me to connect with the story.

On top of all that, I found Nate’s character to be obnoxious. I was okay with most of the other characters, although I thought many of them lacked depth and personality. Most of that, I think, was due to the story being so rushed on so many levels. As much as I wanted to enjoy Nate, his character, and his story, I couldn’t find myself doing any of the above. I was reading to finish and not reading to enjoy.

The one positive thing I will say is that the artwork was absolutely gorgeous. It was the reason this book received 3 stars instead of 2. I loved the details and the way everything was drawn and the colors were absolutely beautiful. I would say picking this up just to flip through the pages of this comic would be worth it to revel in how pretty every panel it is.

However, I would also say go ahead and skip this one. This story had a lot of potential, but I feel like nothing was executed well except the art. This was just a meh read for me, and I doubt I’ll pick up any X-Man again.



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