The Earl and the Fairy, Volume 1 by Mizue Tani and Ayuko


Lydia can see and talk to the fairies that live around her, around all of us. She’s what is called a Fairy Doctor. She’s a young girl who has not quite found her place in the world and is on her way to visit her father in London. However, she’s stopped abruptly, when she is rescued from men who were planning to kidnap her. But, was she really rescued, or was she just kidnapped by someone else who wants to use her gifts for their own benefit?

The Earl and the Fairy, Volume 1 by Mizue Tani and Ayuko

Genre: Manga/Fantasy
Release Date: January 2008
Source: Library – Borrowed
On My Shelf: No


This was a fun, quick read. I can’t say I’m overly enthusiastic about this story one way or the other. I did enjoy reading it, but I didn’t love it. I also didn’t not love it.

The story was cute and interesting. I like where the plot is going. Although we just get a lot of set-up in this first volume and very little story building, I am hoping to see more plot development in the second volume.

did think this volume developed the characters well. We get to know a little about each character, what’s driving them, and how that plays into the storyline, even if I’m not quite sure what the grand storyline is as of yet besides 1 overall goal. Still, the characters did a great deal to drive this story forward, and I don’t mind reading something that is character driven.

I will say I’m intrigued by the plot and the mystery of it all. I liked that the action moved quickly yet slowly at the same time. There was so much going on, but I didn’t think there was too much going on. I’m curious to see what’s going to happen next with the kidnappers and the plot to use the MC Lydia’s gifts. I’m really hope that fairies actually play a part in the story eventually.

Last but not least, the artwork was beautiful. I loved how everything was drawn, the details, and how each panel brough the action of the story to life. I’m incredibly impressed with this artist and their ability to add to the story being written. These two artists work very well together.

Oh, also, v. important: There is a talking cat. 

Overall, I would recommend this book. It’d be great if you’re looking to get into manga or if you’re looking for a new, interesting fantasy story that is unique and fun. I’ll be looking out for Volume 2, but I’m in no hurry to get my hands on it.

Book Depository – $9.99


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