If You Liked This, Try That

In this feature, I recommend books exactly how the title says. If you liked reading this book, you’ll most likely also enjoy this other book. It works the other way around too! If you tried that, you’ll most likely like this😀

What fun, so let’s begin!

If You Liked This →  theabsolutelytruediaryofaparttimeindian.jpg

flight.jpg  ← Try That

If You Liked This →  blackwidowvolonethetightlywoventhread.jpg

batwomanvol1hydology  ← Try That

If You Liked This →  awrinkleintime.jpg

awrinkleintimegraphicnovel.jpg  ← Try That

If You Liked This →   funhome.jpg

teachingthecattosit.jpg  ← Try That

If You Liked This →  theprimeofmissjeanbrody.jpg

 thechildrenshour.jpg  ← Try That



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Happy Reading!


3 thoughts on “If You Liked This, Try That

  1. What a great idea! I’ve only read two of the books, and they happen to be one of your pairs – Jean Brodie and The Children’s Hour – and I agree. They’re very different, but the same “type” of book – if one appeals, the other likely will too. Both have been made into great film adaptations too…

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    1. Thank you! And I’m glad you mentioned that pair up. It was the one I was a little leery about because, as you said they’re different but the same. So, I’m glad you thought they worked 🙂 I haven’t seen either of the film adaptations, but I will definitely have to check them out.

      Liked by 1 person

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