Catwoman: Gotham City of the Dead (Issue #41) by Doug Moench



Zombies. (Or something like that.)

A dude who looks an awful lot like Johnny Quest.

Catwoman: Gotham City of the Dead (Issue #41) by Doug Moench

Genre: DC Comics/Villain/Mystery-Crime
Release Date: January 1997
Source: Friend – Gifted
On My Shelf: Yes


So, I love Catwoman. I don’t think that’s a secret around here, but I also don’t think I talk about my adoration for her character all that much. She’s my favorite DC character and one of my most favorite morally ambiguous characters ever. So, when April (@swimmingthroughliterature on WordPress and @abnormalsquidreads on Instagram) gifted this to me, I about died. Catwoman and a mention of zombies? Things couldn’t have been any better.

I was super excited to actually read this one since I had never read a solo Catwoman story before. I’d seen her appear in movies and other comics, but this was my first solo endeavor.

And, I was totally not let down. I loved this story. I was unsure if this was part of a multiple story arc or a solo one going in, so I was a little afraid of not knowing what was going on and that detracting from my experience: however, this story had its own arc. Even if there is always some sort of overhanging plot, this comic also had one that wrapped itself up within this single issue. I enjoyed it very much. 

This story was interesting, had good pacing, and kept my attention throughout. This is something that is hard to do in something between 22 and 32 pages (given the adds), and I’ve definitely read some comics that have poor execution. This was not one. Praise the heavens. Moench knew what he was doing.

He also does an awesome job writing Catwomen’s multi-dimensional and utterly complex character. He doesn’t shy away from any sort of content and gives us the strong, sassy Catwoman as well as the sad, aching-for-something-more Catwoman. Her character is beautifully written in this.

Switching gears drastically, the way the whole zombie thing was incorporated was interesting, satisfying, and fun. I love that this comic was written in the ’90s, and, woah, does this issue completely encompass the ’90s. Being one of my favorite decades, the style and language this was written and drawn in strongly contributed to my positive experience.

The last thing to talk about is the art. I adored the artwork and the coloring. Everything about it was perfect. The detail in each panel was spot on and the characters were drawn quite beautifully. I also really enjoyed the coloring. It made the story pop as well as fitting with the story and the writing/art style so well.

Overall, if you are at any point able to get your hands on this comic, I highly suggest you do. It will be worth it. This was such a fun story and I will absolutely be keeping my eyes peeled for more in this series as well as other work by Doug Moench.



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