The Long Night (Star Trek Deep Space Nine #14) by Dean Wesley Smith and Kristine Kathryn Rusch

4.5/5 Stars
Genre: Spin-Off/Science Fiction
Release Date: February 1996
Source: Thrift Store – Bought

The main theme of this book is conspiracy and unrest. There is so much going on in this novel that it’s hard to know which scandal to focus on. The main focus, though, is a Jibetian ship that was lost centuries ago–disappearing with the planet Jibet’s ruler and the entire crew. The discovery, which was happened upon my Warf because of his desire and greed for wealth, causes a complete upset that puts Deep Space Nine (DS9) at the center of what could be the start of a war. If that is not enough, there is something out of place on the ship itself. Jake and Nog discover some tunnels that may be hiding seriously dangerous Cardassian secrets.



This was only my second DS9 book that I’ve read. The frist was The Heart of the Warrior (DS9 #17) by John Gregory Betancourt, which was just an okay read for me at 2.5/5 stars. So, my standards were low, meaning I wasn’t really expecting this book to impact me in any way. Turns out this was a much better read, and very near a 5-star rating from me. There was just one minor complaint that kept me from giving this all the stars.

Honestly, really enjoyed this plot and story.  It was interesting and gripping in all the right ways. I actually liked that the story wasn’t entirely action-paced. Don’t get me wrong, this is Star Trek; there was plenty of action, but the action wasn’t what was driving the story. It was the tensionThere was political tension, friendship tension, time-constraint tension, and even some personal validation tension. This book had it all.

The only thing I didn’t enjoy as much about the plot was the side story with Jake and Nog. I liked that they were exploring the ship and dragging up well-kept secrets, but it was taking up too much time for me. Everything of course made sense in the end, and it offered new and interesting plot points as well as a way to directly influence and drive the story, but it was hard to want to focus on the side plot when the main plot was so freaking interesting, and Jake and Nog’s plot didn’t get super interesting until about the last 50 pages. This is why I couldn’t quite give this book the full 5 stars. I enjoyed this part of the plot, but simply needed a smidge less of it.

As far as the characters, I haven’t watched DS9 in ages, so I can’t attest fully to their accuracy, but from what I remember, they seemed pretty spot on. Plus, I can say that this character depth and development was way better than the other DS9 book I read. I know a spin-off book doesn’t need much character development as that was done in the show, but they definitely still need depth, otherwise the book is, in my opinion, pretty unremarkable and forgettable.

I only remember bits and pieces of the first DS9 book I read–just main plot points. But, with this one, I remember almost everything that happened, including small events and instances of comedic relief. (It was very hard to write the synopsis, because I wanted to say so much more!) I can even remember many of the emotions the characters felt, because I was feeling the same ones. Also, I love the meaning of the title and how it was incorporated and stated in the book.

These writers did an amazing job of bringing these characters and their stories to life.

Overall, I definitely recommend this book, especially to DS9 fans. But, I honestly think any Star Trek fan with a general understanding of the Star Trek universe would be able to read and enjoy this short novel. 

Since this book is out of print, you can’t order it new. But, if you come across this book and you’re a Star Trek fan, snatch it up!


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