Theme Songs

This is honestly one of my favorite features that I regularly post on this blog. It’s so much fun to do, and I get to recommend something I love just as much as books: music.

If you’re new to this blog, this is a feature where I put my iPod on shuffle and come up with a book that the song that comes up would be the perfect theme song for (in my humble opinion, of course).

So, here goes. Lets come up with some new theme songs!


“Dick Lips” by Blink-182


Fanboys vs. Zombies, Vol. 1 by Sam Humphries and Jerry Gaylord

I’m pretty convinced this is a perfect match. This comic book and this song are soul mates. Trust me; it fits. It does. Read this opening volume of the series and then listen to this song. You’ll understand.


“Kiss it Goodbye” by The Used


Carrie by Stephen King

Not quite the perfect the pairing like the previous pair-up, but I’m totally feeling this. Angsty and about letting things go while still being unable to forget the past. Yeah, this song has Carrie written all over it. I imagine her on her rampage to this song. It would make for a pretty sweet action montage.


“Had Enough” by Breaking Benjamin


Wolf, Vol. 1: Blood and Magic by Alex Kot, Matt Taylor, and Lee Loughridge

Yes. Yes. This is a good pairing. I can totally see this song (or its melody) playing during multiple scenes in this comic volume. The words are also very fitting. I’m loving this. Both song and story are eerie, angry, and resolute. “Blood and Magic.”


“A Fool’s Dance” by Phillip Phillips


Horns by Joe Hill

*screams internally forever* “yesssssss…” Okay, I know this book already has a movie soundtrack–one I actually really enjoyed. BUT. This song fits so well. It really does. The eerily sad melody, the aching lyrics, the mystery to it. It. all. just. fits.


“Not Dark Yet” by Bob Dylan


The Sculptor by Scott McCloud

Yep. Definitely yep. All the yeps. Now excuse my while I go cry a few buckets full of tears.


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