Giant Days Volume 1 and 2 by John Allison, Lissa Treiman, Whitney Cogar, and Max Sarin

It’s time for some mini reviews!


Giant Days, Volume 1
by John Allison, Lissa Treiman, and Whitney Cogar


4.5/5 Stars
Genre: Comics/Humor/Realistic
Release Date: December 2015
Source: Library – Borrowed

Susan, Esther, and Daisy met when they came together in college and have been pretty inseparable since. This is a story all about discovery, making it through school, and experimenting to find out who they are. Everything turns even more topsy-turvey when a mysterious guy from Susan’s past turns up as a student at the college. What will happen to these 3 girls? Will they make it out stronger and better or battered and bruised? Pick up volume 1 to find out.

Collects issues #1-4

There was so much about this story that I loved. OMG. 

First and foremost, I greatly appreciate that this story focusses on 3 girls and revolves around their thoughts and experiences instead of solely on romance. There is so much going on in this comic and everything happening is wonderful. There still are a few sub-romance plots, but they are handled in a realistic way that doesn’t overshadow the girls’ individual storylines.

This is a great comic series that is perfect for young adults of college age. It explores incredibly interesting themes and feels entirely authentic. There is a bit that is exaggerated though, per say, for story (and comedic) effect, but these elements fit incredibly well with the authenticity and enjoyment of the story.

The reason I docked the half star was because I wanted the plot to have a more distinct direction. I wasn’t sure what the point of everything happening was leading up to. I also thought one of the romances happened too quicklyThe tension was broken too soon for my liking. There’s still a bit of mystery surrounding it, but I wanted it to be drug out just a little longer.

Other than that, this is a wonderful and completely valid important story that I highly recommend. It’s fund and adventurous and totally fresh. Pick this up if you get the chance.

Book Depository – $6.45

Giant Days, Volume 2
by John Allison, Lissa Treiman, Max Sarin, and Whitney Cogar


4.5/5 Stars
Genre: Comics/Humor/Realistic
Release Date: June 2016
Source: Library – Borrowed

The girls are back in this exciting next volume! There is a lot of experimenting with relationships and sexuality going on this collection. These artists are not afraid to delve into some heavy topics. There’s a budding romance as well as a flopped romance and a few that are in between. Pick up this volume to continue to see if these girls will make it though college with their sanity.

Collects issues #5-8

This volume was just as lovely as the first. There’s so much good that is happening in this comic.

It’s winter and a winter ball is just around the corner. Each girl is experimenting with who they are, but Daisy is especially struggling with where her sexuality falls on the spectrum. It was very interesting to read about her journey and so heartwarming to hear her friends speak words of kindness and encouragement as she tries to figure it all out.

I think what I love most about this comic is that there is no jealousy, competition, or expectations for the girls’ friendship. This is such a healthy relationship. There are a few secrets, but it’s understandable given the circumstances of the character it’s coming from. It makes her dimensional.

Actually, all these characters are incredibly dimensional and well-rounded. They’re easy to relate to and have excellent storylines written for each of them.

That being said, I still found there was something missing from this volume–just like with the first. I’m not sure if it’s still a lack a plot or something else entirely. It’s hard to put my finger on and pinpoint my complaint, but it’s easy to forget about the issues while reading such a brilliant story.

Like the first, this is another great read and comes highly recommended from me.

Book Depository – $9.50


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