Revival, Vol. 2: You’re Among Friends by Tim Seeley and Mike Norton

5/5 Stars
Genre: Horror/Comic
Release Date: July 2013
Source: Ebay – Bought

The town is still barred for entrance and exit and the dead are still walking among the living. There’s something fishy going on in the small town of Wausau, Wisconsin, and Officer Dana Cypress is working her hardest to get to the bottom of it all. With the seclusion, the barricade, and the strange magic that’s being well hidden, this town is proving that perhaps it isn’t the dead or the ghosts that we should fear. In fact, it’s much more understandable to fear each other. The apocalypse does a good job of bringing out the worst in people. Although, maybe you should fear the dead after all…

Volume 2 collects issues #6-11



The first book in this series, for me, was really good, but this second book definitely sold me. I’m officially fully invested and loving it.

In this second bind-up, the tension of what’s happening starts to take off way more than it did in the first volume. We really get to see some character and plot development in this collection. I’m absolutely loving where this story is going, and it’s awesome to see that’s it’s original! This series is honestly unlike anything I’ve already read. It’s a refreshing take on zombies.

What I love most is the character development. I’m enjoying getting to know all the characters we were introduced to in the first volume as well as some new ones. I also love our MC, Officer Cypress. She’s wonderfully dimensional and an incredibly strong character. Seeley strikes a brillaint balance of badass and vulnerability, and Norton does an amazing job of complementing that with his artwork.

I’m loving the direction this story is taking. Seeley is revealing just enough to keep me satisfied and interested. There are a ton of questions that have no answers yet, but there are just enough of them being answered at a time to keep me glued to the page as well as to keep me from being irritated or bored with the storytelling. It’s another perfect balance.

I’ve talked a lot about the story, aka the writing, so now it’s time to praise the artwork. I really love Norton’s style and the colors he uses. It’s clean, it’s beautiful to look at, and it’s, ughhhh, it’s simply gorgeous! Seeley and Norton are a perfect pair, in all honesty. I love how well the two mediums work and come together.

One final thing: The Horror Level. It’s completely on point. I love the subtle creepiness to the underlying story that’s playing out, and I also love all the straight up gore. Warning: This book is extremely gory. If that’s not your thing, this is not for you. If that is your thing, this series is definitely  for you. I love the noir aspect, and the horror contained within this comic is simply excellent.

This comic is a treat for both the mind and the eyes. I highly recommend reading this if you liked the first in the series. If you haven’t, I recommend you start this series. It’s turning into a magical series and is well on its way to stunning.

I haven’t read vol. 3 yet, but I already have my hands on a copy. I can’t wait to pick it up!

Book Depository –
Revival, Vol. 1: You’re Among Friends $9.25
Revival, Vol. 2: Live Like You Mean It $13.00


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