Hellboy, Vol. 3: The Chained Coffin and Others by Mike Mignola

4/5 Stars
Genre: Comic Book/Anti Hero/Folklore
Release Date: February 2004
Source: ComiXology – Borrowed

Volume 3 of Hellboy does something a little differently than the previous 2 volumes: It doesn’t focus on a straight storyline. Instead, it has 6 mini-stories that focus on different folklore. Hellboy finds himself in situations that he’s both used to and that are also foreign to him. These mini-stories follow the same tone and style as the previous volumes, but this volume explores something entirely new. Open a copy to see for yourself.

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This was my most-enjoyed Hellboy comic that I’ve read so far. The first 2 volumes were honestly a bit underwhelming for me, but I found myself thoroughly impressed with this bind-up. This was a gripping and intriguing read that kept me hooked until the last page.

If you’re thinking you want to start with Hellboy but aren’t quite sure where to start, (I know I really haven’t read that much yet but…) this is a great place to. Since it doesn’t have a long, continuing arch from the previous comics, reading this volume is a great way to experience Hellboy without the commitment of the series.

Plus, these stories were so interesting! I really love folklore and basically anything that is rooted in it, so this was a wonderful read in that sense. Most of the stories centered around folklore that I wasn’t extensively learned in, so the stories were fresh and new for me. I enjoyed that aspect. However, even if I had been more familiar with the legends, I believe I would have still enjoyed them.

As per the first 2 volumes I’ve read, the artwork in this volume was just as stunning. I sincerely love Mignola’s style and tact. He brings something beautiful to the art of comic books, and I always enjoy looking at anything he’s created. His artwork has worked its way into my heart so much so that I always hope to see his name crop up on other projects or in other comics I’m reading.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this issue of Hellboy–the one I’ve enjoyed most so far!, and I definitely recommend it to fans of the first installments as well as to anyone looking for an introduction into Hellboy’s world and Mignola’s art.

I already have Volume 4 on hand and am eager to read it.

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