I’m Still Alive

Hey everyone!

So, I know I pulled a little disappearing act there after telling you all that you were going to be seeing more of me. Well, it turns out that I came down with some pretty nasty illness that caused me to be bed-ridden for 4 days. It started Sunday night and by Monday night I was utterly useless.

(You know it’s bad when I couldn’t even read!)

There were few moments where I couldn’t focus on anything besides wishing to fall asleep and staring at the ceiling wondering if this is what death felt like.

Okay…so…that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but only slightly. My fever, which peaked at 102.4ºF, finally broke today, so yay I’m on the mend!

(Even if I do feel a bit how I imagine Dean Winchester felt after being dragged to hell and back…)

I’m going to continue to take the rest of the week off from the WordPress blogging world, but I’ll be back next week with all new material and reviews!

Thanks to everyone for staying patient and always being kind ❤

Ashly over here @ Dreaming Through Literature


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