The Ask and The Answer by Patrick Ness

4/5 Stars
Genre: Ya Sci-Fi (Sequel)
Release Date: September, 2009
Source: Library – Borrowed

Todd and Viola are back in this thrilling sequel to The Knife of Never Letting Go. They’ve reached Haven, but have not found the sanctuary they had been searching for. What they did find was the polar opposite: Mayor Prentiss had beaten them there. Now that Mayor Prentiss owns the town and, therefore, the cure for the noise, things are going very, very badly for Todd and Viola. Will they be able to warn Viola’s traveling company of the dangers of this new world? Or, will the new ruler, Prentiss, get what he’s been wanting all along?


Wow, this book had some heavy connotations that came along with reading it.  This book was actually hard to read. Not in the sense that the language was hard (even if Todd is a notoriously bad speller) or understanding the concepts and ideas was hard, but the topics were based around some heavy ideas.

There’s a strong feeling of World War II and Nazi rule. There is even the extermination of a race through what is basically a concentration camp and the erasure and torturing of gender, specifically women, if they stand up and voice an opinion of their own or do something the men of the town don’t agree with. Not to mention that war is on the horizon.

This is a scary read. Not “Boo!” scary, but scary to picture how horrible of a society our beloved characters have found themselves forced into. Ness does a wonderful job of showing that under such a tight regiment, it’s easy to lose yourself and lose the values you stand for. When everyone is controlling every aspect of your life, it’s easy to forget what you had been fighting for in the first place. It’s easy to find yourself on the autopilot of survival.

I really love how complex this book is and how there is not a simple answer for anything. Reading this felt similar to reading something like Harry Potter. There are not simply good and bad characters; there are characters with depth, emotion, and complex thoughts and actions. Who’s to say which leader is right and which is wrong. Who is fighting for the right cause? Can a correct cause even be found in the midst of such madness? Aaahhhhh;a jdfkla;dkf ja;jf I just really love the complexity of it all. It’s fascinating.

My favorite part of all this is that these complexities cause an even bigger rift between our two main characters. I like that we get to read from both Todd’s and Viola’s perspective in this book. It’s very interesting to see how they are both living very differently and how each one is effected by the happenings around them. This is also very interesting as we get to see the side of both genders and how each one is targeted. It’s all just very terrifyingly and horribly wonderful.

So, if I loved everything so much, why the docking of the star? Well, I found that the middle part of this novel dragged a bit. Even though it was all entrancing, there were about 100 pages thrown in there where not much was happening. Of course, I understand why this was done–to show the effects of the new world and what not, but, I feel like there was just a little too much of a lull.

Even so, I still devoured this novel and definitely, definitely recommend it. This is a great sequel to The Knife of Never Letting Go and I simply can’t believe that I haven’t finished this series yet!

If you haven’t yet read The Knife of Never Letting Go and Sci-Fi is your thing, you absolutely need to start it! I love so much about this series and know that the final novel is going to utterly destroy me.

Book Depository:
The Knife of Never Letting Go – $8.66
The Ask and the Answer – $8.85


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3 thoughts on “The Ask and The Answer by Patrick Ness

  1. Act II of a novel seems to be so hard to get right. It’s hard to keep up the action and suspense sometimes. Hopefully, the ending was good though, right? I read book one a while back and wasn’t sure if I’d emotionally be able to handle reading book two, but I think I’m going to go for it. Ness’ writing is just Too Good.


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