Life as We Knew It by Susan Beth Pfeffer

1/5 Stars
Genre: YA Dystopian/Apocalyptic
Release Date: May, 2008
Source: Barnes & Noble – Bought

Miranda has to do a bunch of homework on the moon. Her teachers seem to be obsessed with it this week. Why is that? Oh right, it’s because an asteroid is about to crash into it, something that has never happened before. It’s supposed to be small and a must-see sight. Many people even set up lawn chairs and throw parties in their driveways to watch it. But, what happens when everything goes wrong and the moon is forced too close to earth?

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This is going to be a pretty short review today. I was going to post 2 review today to make-up for my MIA behavior yesterday, but it’s Friday, and it’s already after 6, and I don’t want to. So, sorry to end on such a downer, but sometimes life lets you down.

Long story short, I didn’t like this book. My biggest complaint is that, ultimately, this was just sooooooo boring. I would read this before bed and it would actually put me to sleep.

It’s honestly not that the writing was bad per say, but it was just so…uneventful. The whole book was uneventful. I was actually really excited to read this because the concept sounds amazing, but it just wasn’t executed well at all. There were pages and pages and pages of, “It’s Tuesday. We ate canned green beans again. Hopefully tomorrow will be better, but I know it won’t be.” Or, “I think I’m dying. Oh well. I guess this is life now. Mom wants me to skip meals every other day, I guess that’s cool. I’m cold. Goodnight.”

That was literally the writing and storytelling and it just wasn’t working for me. I wanted action, more action, that is, than simply the drama of Miranda’s abusive mother. And, let me tell you, the mom in this story was a textbook verbal abuser and manipulator. That made the story less enjoyable for me as well. Not because the mom was abusive, but because it was treated by the author as normal behavior and was never addressed. Maybe it is in the next books?

I guess I’ll never know, because I don’t plan to continue this series.

Then again, Miranda was so whiney and woe-is-me, I’m the only person affected by all this and my problems are all that matters. Why isn’t mom paying enough attention to me? Why isn’t mom letting me eat? Why is mom make me do my homework? Why is mom so mean to dad? Why is mom’s boyfriend more important than me? So, that was super annoying, but it probably stems from her mom’s abusive tendencies, so I guess it’s all pretty cyclicle. This could have been fascinating in an apocalyptic setting, but instead I just wanted everyone to shut up.

On top of the story and writing being flat, the characters were too. Everyone was so one-dimensional and I honestly can’t even recall half the names mentioned in this book. I even kept forgetting the name of our MC. Every time someone called her Miranda it felt foreign. She had no personality at all and was such a weak MC. (I mean, with a horribly abusive mother, it’s no wonder, but still.)

Also, she kept saying that she understands why her mom wants her youngest brother to be the one to survive–”because he’s a strong boy with no skills at all or anything but he’s a boy so clearly he deserves to be the one to survive. Clearly

Overall, this book just didn’t work for me, and I wouldn’t recommend wasting your time on it. There’s no real climax, the characters are snoozeworthy, and there’s no cliffhanger ever.  It’s not worth the time.


I hope you all have a good weekend❤

I’ll see you back on Sunday with my Sunday Review!


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