Happy Birthday Stephen King – A Chat

So, I was going to publish a review today but I’m feeling lazy tonight and don’t want to write a review. Instead, I’ve decided to talk a bit about The Master of Horror’s 69th trip around the sun.


Stephen King is an author that I really look up to. He’s a wonderfully feminist man, he’s funny, and he writes great horror. He has written more books than I could ever hope to finish in my lifetime. For that I am both jealous and, of course, thankful.

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So, to honor such a great man, I’ve decided to list a few of the reasons why you should read and love this man who’s obsessed with horror’s books. (Reasons why I, myself, adore him.)

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The embarrassingly small stack of his books I’ve read and loved. Pet Sematary is my favorite.


He doesn’t sell out on his values. He writes the books he wants to write and doesn’t give in to the publishers (especially back in his early years), critics, and haters. King stands up for his personal creativity and writes what he’s passionate about.


He’s an avid reader himself and loves books. Do I even need to say anything more about this?


He doesn’t just write horror. There’s a variety to choose from with his works.


He’s shared writing advice. A lot of the times I find really popular writers don’t really share advice or secrets into their writing. King has written an entire book on his writing techniques. He’s one of the most open private people I’ve ever encountered.


His books intertwine. Once you’ve read enough of his work, you’ll notice that his characters make appearances in books that aren’t their originals.


He writes about the nitty-gritty grossness of our base human nature. My favorite part of King’s novels is that it’s not the paranormal or ghosts or any of that exteriour stuff we have to fear. We have to fear what lies within us. Humans are despicable, and disgusting, and have so many defiled thoughts (many that we act upon), and King explores all of this in his writing. His horror is real. It’s that kind that creeps up on you–crawls up your spine, and the next thing you know you’re afraid to sleep at night.


Fame hasn’t gone to his head. I honestly feel that King is a humble person and enjoys what he does. He’s not writing to be popular or liked or rich. He’s writing because he loves writing. The fact that he’s gained so much success and so many followers over the years in inconsequential to him. He writes because he is a writer.


He’s wonderful (and adorable) on twitter. If you’re not following him, you’re missing out.


He’s funny. Seriously, he’s hilarious. Once again, why are you not following him on twitter?


Last but not least, a valid point that needs no further explanation.

He calls his adorable little dog “Molly AKA The Thing of Evil.”


His writing is SPOOPY and it’s almost Halloween.


What’s your favorite King novel?


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My Collection

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Happy Reading!


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