Supergirl, Vol. 1: Last Daughter of Krypton by Michael Green, Mike Johnson, and Mahmud Asrar

5/5 Stars
Genre: Comic Book/Superhero
Release Date: October, 2012
Source: Library – Borrowed

The Last Daughter of Krypton has made her way to earth…or…rather, has crashed her way to earth. She’s in a strange place and doesn’t know what’s happening. In a frenzy, she breaks out of her pod and starts attempting to find a solution and a way home. She will think of no other options, even when Superman shows up and assures her that Krypton has been destroyed. Will she believe him? How much will she destroy as she comes to grips with her new reality?



I loved ever single thing about this comic.

This was super fun and so interesting.

I really enjoyed the storyline and how each comic progressed Supergirl’s character. There’s plenty of development to go around and leave readers satisfied on all levels. I found myself greedily flipping pages to find out what was going to happen next. I don’t even know what else needs to be said or what I can say without simply continuing to gush. 

I thought the fight scenes were great. It was pretty awesome given the fact that it was two Kryptonians fighting. Brute strength and special powers meets brute strength and special powers. Still, Superman’s character is very likable and his intentions are pure.

Supergirl’s character is so beautifully dynamic, that I instantly fell in love with her.  Her naivety of earth mixed with her recent discovery of loss stirred together with her strength (both physically and mentally) makes for a character that is easily lovable.

To top everything off, the artwork is wonderful. I loved the coloring and the inking and literally just everything about it. This team did a marvelous job of bringing this comic to life in all the ways that a comic book should come to life.

There was nothing left wanting in the start of this series making it all too easy to fall in love with.

I definitely recommend this series to DC fans, Supergirl or Superman fans, and/or really just anyone who enjoys reading comics. This is a magnificent start to a series, and I cannot wait to read more!

Book Depository – $10.86


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