The Long Halloween by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale

5/5 Stars
Genre: Comic Book/Superhero
Release Date: November, 1997
Source: Library – Borrowed

There’s a killer on the lose, but he only murders on Holidays. It doesn’t take him long to earn the name “Holiday.” Batman and Police Commissioner Gordon have their work cut out for him trying to catch this Holiday Killer. On top of everything else, The Joker makes an appearance to thicken the plot. Another favorite stops by when Catwoman shows up carrying out her ambiguous antics. How many people will die before our hero can solve the crime? And what’s going on with Harvey Dent?



loved this comic and am heartbroken that I don’t own my own copy. This is a must-read for Batman fans.

I think I liked this so much too, since it was one of the main inspirations for the movie The Dark Knight, which is one of my favorite superhero movies ever made. So, it was very cool to see all the parallels, especially ones that went directly from the comic into the movie.

The writing in this comic was very well done and filled with tension. Even though I already knew who The Holiday Killer was going to turn out to be, that did not make the journey any less enjoyable or tension free. Loeb does a wonderful job of keeping the reader guessing as to who the killer might be. There are many suspects , which make Batman and Gordon’s job way harder in catching who is behind the mysterious murders.

Sale’s artwork shines alongside Loeb’s writing. The two make a great team and have brought this story to life beautifully. I really enjoyed the artwork–the style was easy on the eyes and pulled me right into the story. The darker colors and less-detailed illustrations are some of my favorite types of illustration.

The other thing that I can’t fail to mention is that Catwoman absolutely shines in this volume. She’s my favorite DC character and also one of my favorite morally ambiguous characters to ever exist. I loved her appearance in this story. I also loved The Joker’s role. He’s my favorite Batman villain. I really enjoyed how his character was drawn. He definitely added some color to the muted style.

Overall, this comic shines exceedingly bright among the many written in Batman’s Universe. It’s a must-read for all DC Comics fans. Plus, it’s a great place to start if you’re just getting into comics or, specifically, Batman comics as this is a stand alone and gives you a great story to test the waters with. Definitely read this book if you get the chance!

Book Depository – $18.34


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