Theme Songs

Wow, okay, first things first. Have you all heard the news? We may have actually found extraterrestrial life! I heard that on the news this evening, and it seems to be a real thing that’s being investigated! I’m freaking out. This is so cool! (Also, apparently NASA is making plans to colonize Mars. So, what a day this has been.)

Anyway, back to our regular scheduled programming.

Today is Theme Songs. This is a feature where I put my iTunes on shuffle and come up with a book that the randomized song could be a theme song for. It’s loads of fun!


“Come With Me Now” by KONGOS


This seems fitting as the storyline seems to be a spiral from in good favors to good intentions and finally down into god knows what kind of mess. I’ve only read the first 2 volumes, but there’s definitely some come-with-me-now vibes going on.


“Vanilla Twilight” by Owl City


This song has such an upbeat tone perfect for a road trip. But, there’s something more to it–a missing of something. The lead protagonist, Leila, is definitely missing a few things. This song could be her anthem.


“Miss Murder” by AFI


Not sure if the lyrics match up perfectly, but the tone of the song definitely does. This is the perfect song to kill zombies to. And also, the lead female could definitely be referred to as Miss Murder.


“Overjoyed (Acapella)” by Bastille


This song is perfect. It’s got that soft desperation tone to it that the main character, Cassie, also has in this book. Plus, “I hear you calling in the dead of night” basically describes this book. K. The end.


“Kings and Queens” by 30 Seconds to Mars


This is just all around fitting. There are so many scenes from this book where I could imagine this song playing in the background. It’s perfect and you can’t convince me otherwise.


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