Binky The Space Cat Books 1-3 by Ashley Spires

Afternoon Dudskis. How are we all feeling this Thursday?

I’m feeling pretty overwhelmed, but that’s besides the point.

Let’s talk about books instead!

Today I’m reviewing 3 books in a Children’s series. Binky the Space Cat. I picked these books up at the library because cats, space, and the author shares my exact name. So, it seemed like it was meant to be.

And, it totally was. These books are straight-up adorable.

The following are my individual review for each book.

Binky the Space Cat

5/5 Stars
Genre: Children’s
Release Date: August, 2009
Source: Library – Borrowed



Okay, look at this cover. How could I not check this series out.

Since this is a Children’s book with minimal writing and mostly pictures, I read this book in about 20 minutes, but I loved literally everything about it. 

Binky is a house cat and he must protect his humans, a mother and young daughter, from space, which, to him, is everything that is outside the house. Binky and his trusty sidekick, a stuffed mouse named Ted, must undergo rigorous training in order to protect his family’s space station (their home) from alien attacks (any sort of bug). But, Binky must keep his mission secret as he attempts to construct a rocketship to blast him off into space.

What else can I say about this wonderful book? The images are beautiful and make the story so fun. There’s tons of humor both visually as well as written and that makes this a fun read for all ages.

But, especially if you have young children, definitely get them copies of Binky! It’s so fun to read that I can imagine it would be wonderful to read together as a family.

This storyline is so fun and entertaining that this book deserves the 5-star rating I bestowed on it. Absolutely 100%.

Binky to the Rescue

5/5 Stars
Genre: Children’s
Release Date: September, 2010
Source: Library – Borrowed



Okay, so I binge-read this series of books and feel very little shame about it (even though I’m 24 years old and not the target audience for these books), but they’re just super adorable, and I can’t stop gushing.

This is the second story in the series. Binky’s trusty sidekick, Ted, has been left out in space and Binky must devise the perfect plan to rescue him. However, there are tons of “aliens” that stand (or should I say fly?) in between him and his best friend. Will Binky be able to rescue Ted? Will his cover be blown and his family find out he’s actually a Space Cat?

This story is just as fun filled and humorous as the first one. But, not only are these stories fun to read, they also have a great message. 

This cat is super cute and I love him and his family. If you are not reading these books, start.

Binky Under Pressure

4/5 Stars
Genre: Children’s
Release Date: September, 2011
Source: Library – Borrowed



This is the third, and final book that I read, in this series, and, unfortunately was my least favorite. 

This story follows Binky as he is being inspected by a new cat in town to make sure he’s staying fit and focussed on his Space Cat duties and responsibilities. Him and Ted go through rigorous training to make sure Binky staying in tip-top shape. Will he pass the test? Will he make a new friend in the process?

This is still an über delightful read with great laughs and excellent content. Binky is the cutest little illustrated cat and someone to fall in love with regardless of age.

I still highly recommend this one with the others. Definitely splurge on all of them if you’re going to buy them. You won’t regret it!


Overall, I highly recommend this series for everyone, but especially parents with small children. These would be great books to read together, or, if you’re like me, to enjoy as an adult and feel like a child again.

Have you read these books? Thoughts?

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Happy Reading! 


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