Alice by Christina Henry

2/5 Stars
Genre: Fantasy/Horror
Release Date: August, 2015
Source: Barnes & Noble – Bought

This is a story about Alice. But, she’s not the Alice we all know from the cute little children’s story. This Alice has a tragic past and an even more tragic future ahead of her. She’s been locked away in an insane asylum for years now, her only companion is Hatcher, the crazy ax-murderer in the cell next to her. It seems Alice will stay locked away forever, but that’s before the Jabberwocky breaks free from the basement of the prison, sending her and Hatcher down the streets of the old city where claws are there to catch and rip around every corner.


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When I came across this book at Barnes & Noble, I knew instantly I had to have it. I wish I hadn’t bought it. This book was probably the biggest letdown read of the year for me. The plot was flimsy, the action was boring, and the characters were incredibly undercooked for my taste.

I’ll start by saying that I loved the first 60ish pages. The introductions were fantastic and the premise seemed promising. This book started out as a 4-star read for me, but quickly plummeted to the depths of I don’t even want to finish this.

I’ll start by talking a bit about the characters. They were likable at first, but turned out to stay incredibly shallow. Alice’s thoughts were so repetitive I was ready to start pulling out my hair. The whole book can be summed up as follows: I don’t want to do this. I have to do this. I’m brave. I’m scared. I love Hatcher. I’m afraid Hatcher. I’m totally like so in love with Hatcher. Oh my god Hatcher might snap and murder me any second, but I’m so totally in love with him anyway.

I was so annoyed by the end of this book that I was almost wishing harm on the characters. They were so undeveloped, I’m surprised Henry was able to write an entire story about them. Not only were the main good characters boring, the villains were a total snoozefestThey weren’t scary. They were flat. They didn’t leave me shaking in my boots. Disgusting? yes. Scary? Not in the slightest. Even the big baddie Jaberwock was so incredibly boring and tedious

This book was failed climax after failed climax.
(That’s what she said.)

This plot was so flimsy, I don’t even know how I made it. The ideas were stretched so thin that there was no meat left on it by the end. This plot is nothing but lucky coincidence and wow-that-was-convenient moments one after the next. New characters were being introduced simply for information dumping purposes and then were immediately killed off. 

The most disappointing instance was The Walrus. He was built up to be this horrendous villain and he lasts about 3 pages in order to give Alice literally every piece of information she needs and then is immediately killed. Alice had been talking for ages about how she was probably going to die while confronting him, yet he was killed (not even by her!) in like 2 seconds flat.

What irritated me the most, though, was that instead of spending her time constructing a decent plot and giving her characters depth, HENRY SPENDS HER TIME WRITING DESCRIPTIVE RAPE SCENE AFTER DESCRIPTIVE RAPE SCENE. I swear there was one every 10 pages. Like, I get that this is horror, but can we not write an entire story about women being raped in horrible ways? I had to skip some parts because they was horrendously disgusting and incredibly triggering.

Also, at one point, she writes how Hatcher stares lustfully at one of the girls being raped and for a minute Alice thinks Hatcher will rape her and then Alice justifies it by saying, “well, he’s been locked away awhile so he probs wants to have his way with a woman. He is a man after all.” THIS IS NOT OKAY. Literally nothing about that is okay. It’s so far from okay it’s not even in the same galaxy as okay anymore. Ughhhhhh.

On top of all these horrible things that happen – the horrendous plot, and the lack of character development – the ending fell so flat I nearly threw the book at the wall. The whole book is leading up to Alice’s confrontation with the Jabberwocky, and, when it finally happens, Alice beats him in less than 1 page. I seriously read that page 3 times because I thought I had missed something. I was flipping back wondering if I’d gotten a defective book that was missing pages. But, nope, that’s how it ended. over 300 pages leading up to how horrifying this creature is, and Alice says some pretty words and BAM, he’s beaten. What a freaking rip off.

This book was such a waste of my time. Seriously, steer clear. It’s not worth it, not worth it at all.


Have you read this? Thoughts?

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6 thoughts on “Alice by Christina Henry

    1. Thanks Heather. I knew you’d disagree with me 😛 Unfortunately this book just wasn’t my thing. I probably won’t read the sequel, especially if you weren’t that impressed with it. Thanks for still reading even though your thoughts differed from mine 🙂

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