Friday Favorites – 7/1/2016

Happy July everyone!

It’s crazy and scary to think this year is half over already. To which you are probably saying, “Oh god she’s complaining about time and the spinning of the universe again.” I know. I sure talk about this enough, don’t I? I’m not sorry. *cue the existential crisis*

Nah, not today. Not with books to talk about and cherries to eat. (I have cherries. And am currently eating them. I didn’t just make this weird. Shut up.)

What have you all been up to these past 2 weeks? I failed to post last Friday, so I’m trying to make up time.

Read anything good? Anything to recommend?

Here’s what I’ve been up to.


(This Haul is from the last 2 weeks.)


Six Flags Gurnee, Illinois, Buys:

Superman Plush I’m so in love with this little guy! He’s wonderful and adorable and ahhhhhh. He actually wasn’t very expensive either, only $14.99.

Femmes Fatales Tshirt I needed this. I can’t even describe how badly I needed this. Especially since Catwoman is included on it! This shirt was a bit of a splurge at $17.99.

Wonder Woman Mug and Bag – The latest DC movie really reawakened my love for Wonder Woman and threw my obsession into full force. So, obviously, I needed these. The mug was $9.99 and the bag was $10.99.

Catwoman Magnet – How could I resist the cuteness? I had to have it. It cost me $4.99 and I regret nothing!

Thrift Store Finds:

The Wild Thornberrys Movie I’ve been wanting to rewatch this, especially after realizing that Tim Curry voiced Nigel. What the what? I can’t believe I never knew that, and life made a little more sense after I found out. I picked this up for $1.49 + my 20% discount.

Target Finds:

Oh Target, how you show absolutely no mercy ever

The X Files Season 11 – I hadn’t even realized this was out yet, but I had to buy it. I can’t have an incomplete X Files collection! Plus, it was the last one, meaning it was practically begging for me to take it. It wasn’t too pricy at $24.99.

Mad Hatter Mystery Funko Pop Vinyl – I’m so happy I got him! He’s adorable and cost me $5.99.

Star Trek: The Next Generation Movie Collection – This beauty caught my fancy, and for $10 I couldn’t pass it up.

Spock Action Figure – All I have to say is how could I not? He was $4.99.

Data Funko Pop Vinyl – There were a few Star Trek lovelies to pick from (sadly none from the original series, but quite a selection from The Next Generation.) I had to go with Data, because I love him, so yea. He was $8.99.


I had to photograph these 2 separately because they’re just so darn cute!

I couldn’t believe that I came across Ed in Funko’s Mystery Minis Horror Series. I squealed with delight. I had been wanting him and Shaun for ages, but wouldn’t cave and just order them online. Where’s the fun in that?

I did, though, order Shaun because how could I have Ed without Shaun. They have been united and I have never been so in love.

Ed was $5.99 from Target and Shaun was $7.89 from eBay.



The Sculptor by Scott McCloud

It was a tough choice, as I’ve read some really wonderful books this week, but I had to give it to The Sculptor. This was beautiful and exceptionally haunting. I’m still trying to process how I feel, and I want to read this about 25 more times to make all the subtle connections I started noticing toward the end.

This was just pure madness and it broke my heart.

So, in other words, I highly recommend it.

Thanks to Evie @justanotherbelle for recommending it to me!



Finding Dory, 2016

I saw this movie last week. (Of course I had to see it! I’ve waited 13 years for this!)

I’m still trying to process how I feel. There were so many expectations and thoughts about what it was going to be. It’s not that I disliked, but I need to watch it again in order to appreciate it for what it was and not any of the scenarios I imaged.

I still highly recommend you see this. It was heartwarming and had plenty of funny bits! Plus, that ending was amazing!

Also, Hank is my favorite. That is all.



It’s not featured above, but I also bought Adele’s new album this week. I adore it and have been listening to little else since picking it up.


Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 2.01.43 PM

I reorganized my Harry Potter shrine yesterday, so here it is for your viewing pleasure!


What were your Friday Favorites?

See you again Sunday for my Weekly Sunday Review.

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Happy Reading!


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    1. I couldn’t resist buying him when I unexpectedly came across him! It’s been ages since I’ve watched the movies, but I remember liking them!

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