Deep Trouble (Goosebumps #19) by R.L. Stine

4/5 Stars
Genre: Children’s Lit/Horror/Mystery/Paranormal
First Published: 1994
Source: Thrift Store – Bought

As many of you may already know/remember, I’ve started re-reading R.L. Stine’s books. I was exceptionally leery at first, but after reading a Fear Street book I loved when I was younger, I knew that this was going to be a good idea. Plus, they’re easy to find cheap at Thrift Stores, being so mass-produced once upon a time.

As you may also remember (if not, hello newbie!), what spurred on this reread was the new Goosebumps movie that caused me to ache for my childhood and to revisit the books once again.

So, here you have it. My review of a beloved kid’s book that lived up to my ideals of it.

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Now, the first thing you have to keep in mind if you’re reading this book as an adult is that it was written for children. I was able to do this going into the reread, and that state of mind helped me reconnect with my childhood, which was a super fun and very cool thing.

You can’t expect extravagant prose when diving (pun intended) into a story like this one: however, that’s not to say Stine’s prose in lacking in any way. He’s writing from a middle-grade perspective, so a middle-grade writing style must be expected.  His writing is straight and to-the-point yet never missing tension or mystery.

Something I failed to notice as a kid (or maybe just don’t remember noticing) is how funny Stine is. Sure, he’s writing some pretty horrific things, but there’s always some fun humor stashed away in the story. I love that. It makes it super fun and made reading this book as an adult new and interesting.

I also really liked the plot of this story. It was interesting, fun, and chocked full of magic. Stine’s paranormal aspects are on point and make you want to know more information. Honestly, these books are probably one of the main reasons I’m still so in love with mythical creatures. (Between these and Harry Potter, there’s no doubt about why I turned out the way I did.)

The last thing that I very much loved was the open ending. I’m a sucker for open endings and maybe (once again a light-bulb worthy moment) that’s because Stine does a good job with them. Tension and plot twists until the very last page. What more could you possibly want?

So, do I recommend this? Well, I’m always going to recommend Goosebumps to middle grade readers, but I would say that, as an adult, if you are wanting to revisit these books and are able to keep in mind the audience they are written for, definitely go for it. Maybe don’t go out and buy a bunch of them at once, but start with one that wasn’t a favorite (no need to shatter those childhood ideals right away) and see if you like it. If you do, keep pushing forward. If not, leave it be and keep you reminiscent value in tact.

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