The Death of Superman by Dan Jurgens, Jerry Ordway, Louise Simonson, Roger Stern, Jon Bogdanove, Tom Grummett, Jackson Butch Guice, Brett Breeding, Rick Burchett, Doug Hazlewood, Dennis Janke, and Denis Rodier

5/5 Stars
Genre: DC Comics/Superhero
First Published: April, 1993
Source: Borrowed – Library

I’m here with, yet again, more disappointment. I’m relishing my day off even more than I thought I would, so I won’t be posting a tag today as I said I would be yesterday. I would be sorry, but it’s been so lovely to just lie in bed all day and read. (I’ve finished 4 books since last night!)

So, I’ll just be doing a lacking-flair, plain-old (maybe boring?) review.

Today I’m talking about a comic that was meant to be the end of Superman, but, as it’s now over 20 years down the road, we know that wasn’t the case. The time was 1993, the sales of Superman comics were down, and DC was convinced that it was time to pull the plug. So, I’m going to go a bit Lemony Snicket on you here and advise you not to read this comic if you’re expecting a happy story. You won’t find it. Doomsday has broken free and he’s out for blood. Will Superman be able to stop him destroying Metropolis? What will it cost him to defeat this embodiment of evil?

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The reviews I was reading discussing this Graphic Novel has proved that, once again, I seem to be an oddball in my opinion. Many of them said how much the reader disliked this book, but I, on the hand, really liked it. I would honestly consider reading this again.

Now, confession timeThis is the first Superman comic I’ve ever read. As crazy as that sounds, it’s 100% true. I’ve always been a fan of the guy, but I was never a big comic reader when I was younger. [insert comics and feminism rant here.] So, I don’t have much to compare this book to, but I know plenty about this alien from outer space, so I can say I went into this comic with expectations and knowing what’s what.

So, what is what here? I liked this plot. I thought it had some cool guest appearances from other superheroes and I thought there was enough to drive the story forward. Sure, could the plot have been more developed and in depth? Probably. But, we have to keep in mind that, at the time, Superman was going under. I imagine the writers and illustrators (and wowza there are a lot of them!) wanted to get this done as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Even so, given the circumstances, I still found I enjoyed the tension and was constantly hoping that there was going to be some loophole to save our beloved hero. Alas, I was a blubbering mess at the end of this story. It was a bit surreal to think that this could have actually been the end. I’m very glad it wasn’t.

Shall I say a little something about the characters? Why yes. Yes I shall. I thought the characters were well developed and enjoyable to read about with the likeness to the normal selves we’ve all grown so fond of. Louis Lane shines in this one, as do a few other strong females. However, everyone shines in this volume. I honestly don’t really have anything bad to say about these characters.

OMG, side note: Having not read a Superman comic before what’s this business that Lex Luthor has red hair and a beard? How strange to see!

Okay, so there is one little nit-picky thing I can say about the characters. Well, one character, at least. Doomsday could have used more development. On one hand, we know virtually nothing about this guy. Where did he come from? Why is he the way he is? Why does he crave nothing other than death and destruction? On the other hand, I think that makes him even more horrifying. We don’t know anything about him so there’s nothing to analyze. This proves quite the test for our beloved Clark Kent. In my opinion, it was very unsettling for such a powerful man to die at the hands of something so unknowable.

Anyway, this isn’t psyche class, so I guess I’ll move on.

The last thing I want to say is an attestant to the mysterious ways in which the universe works. I read this book one week before seeing the new Batman V Superman movie. What a crazy coincidence that the one Superman comic I’ve read played such a crazy significant role in the new movie. I was watching the movie and squealed in the theater when it hit me what storyline was unfolding. Like, no, I physically squealed. People looked at me with concern. It’s just so cool how it worked out, and I will never be over the mysterious way it all unfolded.

So, do I recommend this comic? Yes, yes I do. It’s definitely worth the read, especially for DC and Superman fans. This will most definitely not be my only Superman comic. I’m eager to read more, maybe starting with the sequel to this story, since I’m sure it’s going to crop up if I get my new Justice League movie series that has been promised.

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Have you read this? Did you like the BVS movie? Thoughts?

Up Tomorrow: Maybe the So-Called-Promised Book Tag, but Most Likely Another Review

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