Theme Songs

Well, it’s Monday. I close at work tonight, so that’s not much fun. But, I did enjoy my visit with April @swimmingthroughliterature last night, as always.

Today I’m hoping to cheer up Monday a little with one of my features: Theme Songs.

This is a feature where I put my iTunes on shuffle and pick a book the song would be a fitting theme song for. It’s loads of fun for me. I hope it’s just as much fun for you!

Photos linked to Goodreads. Song titles linked to youtube.


“Tonight We Have the Stars” by Bryan Adams


I gave this one to Illuminae. It’s not perfectly fitting, but I can definitely see the lyrics relating to Ezra and Kady’s relationship. Plus, (sorry, gotta say it) they’re in space, so they’re literally surrounded by stars.


“Where My Mouth Is” by Taking Back Sunday


Other than the reference to drugs in this song, I think it’s very fitting for Black Widow. She’s very independent and isn’t fully inducted into The Avengers. This allows her to go through spurts of leaving and being alone. She does that specifically in this volume. Plus, both this comic and the song have a very somber feel to them.


“Long Way to Go” by The Click Five


Okay, this is just super fitting. The song has a high intensity feel to the romance being sung about which is definitely what this comic volume has. There are more issues in this series, so there’s definitely still a long way to go for these two lovers.


“Skin and Bones” by Foo Fighters


Yes. Yes. Yes. Well, mostly. This is fitting for both Viola and Todd, in my opinion. They’re really struggling to survive in this new world and the horrors that keep arising – one after the next.


“Not With Haste” by Mumford & Sons


Another somber song for a somber book. Although not entirely fitting, I think it still works.


What do you think of my choices? Agree/disagree?

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Happy Reading!


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