Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

5/5 Stars
Genre: YA Sci-Fi
First Published: November, 2015
Source: Bought – Target


I don’t have a clue where to even start with this post today. I’m not even sure how to start.


Deep Breaths.

Deep Breaths.

Synopsis. Okay. Go.

The year is 2375. Kady has just dumped her boyfriend Ezra. Just mere hours later, their home planet, Kerenza, is destroyed by the agency that controls much of deep space. There were meant to be no survivors, but a couple thousand escaped on small ships that responded to the planet’s distress calls. As the survivors travel through deep space pursued by The Lincoln, a ship part of the original attack, on a 6 month journey to potential safety, could things get even worse? Were there more sinister motives to the original attack? Will everyone survive? And what’s up with that Crazy artificial intelligence AIDEN?

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*Screams silently for eternity into the void.*

I honestly have no idea where to even start because I loved every single thing about this book. I was amazing.

Prepare yourself for an emotional roller coaster of a wild ride. Lots of tension. Lots of tears. Lots of action. Lots of emotion. This book blew my mind.

Okay, this review has been sitting here unwritten for like 40 minutes now because, even though it’s been days since I finishedI still can’t seem to put my thoughts down coherently. 

I want to talk about everything at once, so I haven’t been able to talk about anything at all.

This. Book. Destroyed. Me.

Okay, Ashley, seriously. Put down some coherently thoughts now.

Alright. I can do this. Here we go.

This book is super fast paced, and the layout of it makes this story easy to fly right through. (Pun intended?) Definitely get yourself the gorgeous hardback of this book; it’s absolutely worth the splurge. This is the most unique layout I’ve come across in awhile and something totally fresh and new. This story is not told through narrative, but instead through documents which become the narrative. We are not allowed to get directly inside anyone’s head and are left in the dark to wonder about many things. really liked this. It was horrifying to only be getting bits and pieces until everything started to come together.

I honestly felt like I was on on of the ships.

There was one night after I’d been reading all day that I had to go to work, and I honestly was so disoriented that I was finding it hard to make sure everything got done at work. I kept thinking, “What do you mean I’m not a passenger on a ship awaiting my impending doom?” “What do you mean I’m on earth and totally safe right now?” That is what I loved about this book. It was so easy to immerse myself and get lost in.

The plot was amazing and so compelling. There came a point where I literally couldn’t put the book down and read (412 pages in one sitting) until I finished this beauty and fell into the void at 3 am. I kid you not, that is actually how it happened. I physically and mentally could not sleep until I finished this book.

And then I couldn’t sleep after I finished the book either. I laid awake staring into the dark for an entire hour before I was able to calm down enough to sleep.

Another thing that helped along with that was that I loved, loved, loved these characters, especially Kady. She was exceptionally multi-dimensional, even though we never actually got to get inside her head. She was super strong and nearly indestructible, but was also terrified and completely broken apart. It worked. It was totally believable for what she had and currently was going through.

I didn’t like Ezra as much, but I think it was supposed to be that way. Kady had dumped him, after all, and left him devastated, but he had some depth going for him too. He was terrified, but more of the blind follower, having been conscripted into the military. This is YA, so it makes sense that we should see these events through the eyes of two teenagers still not sure of themselves or how the adults are making decisions.

And then, of course, that leads me into the re-budding romance of these two, which I 100% understand. Kady (and Ezra) has lost everything. She’s torn open (figuratively) from end to end and craves something familiar. I totally get why her and Ezra rush right back into each other’s arms. Neither has anyone else left and no one wants to die so informally while being so alone. Their relationship restarted as a product of circumstance, and I am curious to see where it goes from here.

What else is there to say? I’ve already rambled on, so I’ll list some things I exceptionally loved about this story: SPACE ZOMBIES, sarcastic humor, excellent writing, gut-wrenching anticipation, twists and turns around every corner, explosions, tension, a rogue (horrifying) artificial intelligence, and (in my opinion) awesome Resident Evil vibes. 

This is easily my favorite read of the year. EASILY.

cannot wait to dive in and devour Gemina within the next few weeks!

Also, I met Kaufman and Kristoff at BookCon2016 and am dying over the knowledge of what lovely people they are. Seriously! It makes me love this book even more (if that’s even possible?!)!

This is a must read for Sci-Fi lovers, especially those who also love YA. I cannot recommend this book enough. I understand it’s not for everyone, but if it sounds even remotely interesting to you, FOR GOD’S SAKE, PICK THIS BOOK UP IMMEDIATELY.

*Below, I’ve included my original thoughts (recorded the morning after finishing this book).

Get your copy from Book Depository here for $17.24.


Have you read this yet? Thoughts?

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Happy Reading!

* “WOW. Just. a;kldsjf ;lfasf jashf ;aljfk. WOW. I LITERALLY could not put this book down. And I AM using literally in it’s correct form here. I’d been meandering through the first 180 pages at a decent rate, but then last night I read 412 pages in 1 sitting! I started reading at 9 pm and (YES) literally did not stop until I finished the book at 3 am.

I then laid awake in bed for an hour before being able to fall asleep. This book ruined me. Sent me spiraling into the void. Left me incapable of remembering how to human. I have the worst book hangover right now.

This book had literally everything I wanted. A rogue AI, LOTSA space, Resident Evil vibes, what are basically SPACE ZOMBIES. I’m so happy this book exists.



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