Friday Favorites – 5/27/2016

Another week has gone by and so more books have been read and more life has been experienced.

Here’s the fun things I came across this last week.



I’ve actually controlled myself for a week and have bought basically nothing. I didn’t even buy my LootCrate this week; it just happened to come this week.

LootCrate – Monthly Subscription I feel like most people are pretty familiar with LootCrate by now, especially my long-time followers. But, if you’re not, it’s a monthly subscription box for nerds like me. The crate is only $19.95 (which includes shipping) and is filled with all kinds of nerdy things that revolve around a theme.

This month’s theme was “Power Up” and featured items from Marvel, Dragon Ball Z, and World of Warcraft. I was super excited because a friend signed up through my link, so my crate was only $14.95 this month. What a steal!

If you’re thinking about signing up, please consider going through my link. If you do, you’ll get $5 off your first crate! Link:

ComiXology – Monthly Subscription Through Amazon – I was notified of a new service that an Amazon company has started. It’s sort of like Netflix but for comics. For $5.99 a month you can read a slew of comics – as many as you want as many times as you want.

I’m still in the 30 day free trial, but I think this is a subscription I’m going to keep. It’s an affordable way to read and discover new comics! I’m kind of in love with already.

Visit ComiXology’s website for more information.



This Book Loves You by PewDiePie

I knew I was going to love reading through this, and I totally wasn’t wrong. In this book, PewDiePie makes fun of the popular internet culture of living by inspirational quotes. He creates stunning images that are accompanied by not-so stunning quotes.

These were too funny to read through, and I know I’m definitely going to revisit this book again and again – especially if I’m having a bad day.



The Simpsons Movie, 2007

Many of you probably know that I’m a HUGE Simpsons fan. If you don’t, I’m a HUGE Simpsons fan. I saw this movie in theaters way back in 2007 when it first came out and have been in love with it ever since. (I’m still waiting for that sequel…)

I’m featuring this movie because it’s the only movie I watched this week. Still, I don’t even feel bad about that because this is a great movie. Plus, the pig is named Harry Plopper for awhile, just so you know.

If you’re a Simpsons fan and you haven’t watched this movie yet…what are you waiting for?

If you’re not a Simpsons fan…maybe watching this movie will make you one!


Any Fall Out Boy song is worth this feature, but this one just happens to be the lucky one getting featured.


I will see you all again on Sunday! Have a wonderful weekend!

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Happy Reading!


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