Friday Favorites – 5/20/16

Woohoo! It’s Friday!

Which actually doesn’t mean anything for me since I work all weekend, but it’s Friday none the less, meaning it’s #treatyoself night.

Anyway, it’s been a pretty slow week…and by slow I definitely mean busy…and by busy I mean I’ve totally been exhausted…and by exhausted I mean I’ve barely done or read anything all week!

Oh well, I still went to Target and Kohls, so I found some lovely things.



Target Finds:

Illuminae and This Book Loves You I FINALLY BOUGHT ILLUMINAE. I AM FINALLY GOING TO READ THIS BOOK. YAY! I also bough Pewdiepie’s book, which I’ve been meaning to snatch up for awhile now. Both were 20% off at Target, and so were reasonably buys.

Batman Pop Vinyl Plush – I couldn’t pass him up for $7.99. Too cute! Plus, look at that little unhappy face of his. It’s adorable.

Horror Classic Collectible – This is the first Horror Classic collectible I’ve bought. I was super hoping for a Shaun of the Dead character, but oh well. Beetlejuice is just as cool. This wasn’t on sale, but at full price it was only $5.99.

The Hateful Eight and Inglorious Bastards – Have I ever mentioned I’m Tarantino trash? I’ve been waiting to get a good deal on The Hateful Eight and $14 didn’t seem like too steep a splurge, so I bought it! Inglorious Bastards was only $5.

Socks – How could I not buy these flamingo alien abduction socks? I NEEDED them. And, for only $2.50, they were not a bad price.

Shopko Finds:

Shopko is not a place a spend too much of my time. My mom works there, though, so sometimes I see some must-haves. I also had a coupon, so I got a good deal.

Alice in Wonderland Coloring Book – Shopko Find –  I ended up picking this beauty up for $7!

Totally Rad T-Shirt – “I feel there’s something missing in my life. I don’t know if it’s a person, a puppy, or just a burrito.” I HAD to buy it. It’s me. Plus, it was only $10. I can afford that for such a must-have shirt.

Facemasks – I tried an Avocado and Oatmeal facemask by this brand last week and loved it so much that I stocked up and bought 5, one of each kind. At $1.99 each, they’re really not even a splurge.

“Not Your Mother’s Styling Gel” – I found this on clearance for $4.59. I’ve never tried it before, but it was over half off, so I thought why not try it now? I also got a leave in conditioner by Pantene on clearance for $2.99 (not picture).

Hobby Lobby Finds:

Like Shopko, I don’t really shop here that often. But, my mom wanted to stop, so I went in with her and found 2 cute little things.

Robin String Doll and Spider-Man Air Freshener  I picked up the string doll for $2.49 and the air freshener for $1.99. Steals, really.

Kohls Finds:

My Kohls finds are a little harder to see, but they are totally awesome just the same.

2 Pair of Sunglasses – I had a coupon and 30% off, so I got these 2 pairs for, roughly, $15 combined. I’d say that’s not too shabby.

Velvet 1 Black and 1 Red Scrunchie – That’s right; scrunchies are back, and I’m SO onboard with it. I got these 2 for $2.

Millenium Falcon Necklace – The fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy was only $5 on clearance. It’s a lot smaller than I thought it would be. What a steal, huh? Maybe quite literally? Please don’t come after me Han Solo! (Or do…I probably wouldn’t complain.)

Essie Nail Polish – Another steal. I found this on clearance for $2.55. How cheap, right?



I’ve been reading this book all week, and it isn’t a super, awesome, favorite book or anything, but it’s been quite enjoyable and high intensity. I could have honestly flew threw it in a few sittings, but I’ve been so tired that that has been impossible.

I still have 100 pages left, so we’ll see if I still like it after I read the ending. Who knows – a bad ending can always leave a rotten taste in my mouth.

As of right now, though, I’m enjoying this book.



I bought the movie adaptation of Dark Places because I’ve been meaning to (and dying to) watch it since it was released. I really did like it and felt like they did a decent job of adapting the movie. I’m not irate with complaints, so that’s a good sign, right?

Still, I wouldn’t recommend watching it unless you’ve read the book. I watched it with my mom, and she had a pretty hard time keeping everything straight.

Not nearly as good as Gone Girl, but still worth the watch if this is up your alley.


I’ve been obsessed with this song all week. I’m not sure why. It is one of my favorite Weezer songs, but who knows why I’ve been needing to listen to it so frequently.

Any-who, enjoy. I’m sure many of you have heard this song before? If not, happy new (very, very, very late) listen.



Okay, so the white part peeled off, but I still looked ridiculous. After peeling the white off, I looked like a robber wearing a poorly cut out tube sock. I wasn’t all that impressed with this facemask anyway, but the look and feel made my unsettlement even worse.

You can follow me on snapchat right now @smashleyyy92.


That’s it for me for the week. I’ll be back in a mere 48 hours with my Sunday Review. Hopefully next week I can keep on schedule better.

Fingers Crossed

Have a fantabulous weekend lovelies!

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Happy Reading!


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    1. Yes, agreed. I see some and am like what? But this one was worth the purchase! It’s so pretty and has original artwork from the novel. It’s going to take me forever to color, but I’m excited to start.

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