She Hulk, Vol. 1: Law and Disorder and She Hulk, Vol. 2: Disorderly Conduct

Hey hey hey! So, I know I said I was back and then failed to post yesterday. I honestly thought I’d have time to, but it turned out rather otherwise.

I worked in the morning and then I decided to go to an author talk and signing with Maggie Stiefvater. I was super surprised when I found out she was coming to a small independent bookstore barely 20 minutes from my house!

So, with trying to eat dinner and then get there, I did not have time to blog. Ooops.

But it was totally worth it!

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So, that was totally worth it to miss a day of blogging (sorry not so sorry everyone!). #justified.

Anyway, today I’m reviewing both bind-ups of She Hulk. I have the same complaints for each, so I figured I could mesh the reviews together.

She Hulk, Vol. 1: Law and Disorder by Charles Soule, Javier Pulido, and Ron Wimberly

2.5/5 Stars
Genre: Comic (Marvel)
First Published: 2014
Source: Library

Contains issues #1-6.

In this all new Marvel Now! series, She Hulk, Jennifer Walters, has quit her job and started her own law firm. She decides to work toward helping those in need of justice who can’t particularly afford big-time lawyers. She’s good at what she does and runs into many of readers’ favorite characters, including Captain America! (Even though I didn’t particularly like that storyline.) What crazy cases will Jen get herself involved in during these comics?


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Where do I even start with this series? First off, I guess I’ll say that it’s been quite a while since I actually read this series. If I’d written my review right after finishing the first two volumes, it would be way more heated than this is going to be. However, I’ve calmed down quite a bit and am not even a little bit bitter anymore.

Overall, I didn’t really enjoy this series and wouldn’t recommend it. 

I found the writing tedious and the artwork was nothing more than decent. There was way too much text on some of the pages. I found this exceptionally taxing because Soule actually practiced (I think he still does?) law, and so much of the information is actual court room and case work info. He attempts to swing it interestingly, but, let’s face it, we all like fiction (at least a little) better than actual fact.

This also caused me to feel like many of the plots were uneventful and very level to read along the way. There’s not a whole lot going on besides case-work, so that’s about all these comics are: sitting in a court room or preparing for a courtroom. This may work for some readers, but, unfortunately, it didn’t work for me.

The last thing I really want to touch on is the fact that this book seemed to be under pressure to get published, because there is a different artist for the last two issues included in this compilation. Normally I don’t mind an artist switch in comics, but this switch was SO FREAKING DRASTIC AND UNSETTLING.

I spent too much time being confused to even let any of what was going on sink in. Plus, I’m so sorry to say, but the new artwork DID NOT work for me. It’s unpleasing to the eyes, unflattering to the characters, and not well laid out at all. AND, the colors are awful and INCONSISTENT.

I don’t know what was happening down at the Marvel office, but, whatever it was, it definitely wasn’t working.

I’d say read this book if you’re intrigued, but otherwise don’t waste your time on it.

She Hulk, Vol. 2: Disorderly Conduct by Charles Soule and Javier Pulido

1/5 Stars
Genre: Comic (Marvel)
First Published: 2015
Source: Library

Contains issues #7-12.

This comic picks up where volume 1 left off. She Hulk, Jennifer Walters, is back at it and trying to bring justice into the light. Ant Man makes an appearance in this issue (but, like Captain America in the first, I didn’t really like the story-line).

That’s about all I’ve got for this synopsis, since this volume was even duller than the first.


*click image to go to book’s Goodreads page*

Wow, it is amazing how much I DON’T have to say about this collection. 

It was filled with the same complaints I had from the first volume, minus the crazy, unfitting artwork. There was too much text and not enough action. I also felt that in this one Soule really dumbs down the storyline for his readers. I don’t know if he does this because of all the law jargon, but it makes the story read at a very middle-grade level.

Not that comics are typically straining to read or anything, but this audience felt to young for the one it was aimed at.

Overall, I was bored and eager to finish this book. It was so dull, even now I can’t remember what happened in this story.

I’m sad these two books didn’t mesh with me because I was so excited to read them. I love it when authors try to revive lesser-known heroes and villains, but, in this case, it definitely did not work.

I definitely do not recommend this books. I totally understand why it was cancelled. Even if it hadn’t been, I wouldn’t have picked up any more of the series.

That does it for me. I hope to get a Friday Favorites post out tomorrow, but I have (another) super busy day, so don’t be surprised if I’m silent for the weekend after this!

Stay Gold

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Happy Reading!


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