Mash-Up Monday – The Secret Life of a Blogger Tag

Hey everyone. If you read my Sunday Review post yesterday, then you might already know I’m kind of scatterbrained right now. If you haven’t, here’s a short important announcement.

I have an important update that may (pun not intended) affect my blogging schedule this week. I’m taking a short little road trip out to visit a friend, and I’m not quite sure what to expect or how much I’ll feel like blogging. I’m still going to try and post like usual, but I’ll just be playing it by ear.

If you want to keep up with me during this mini-vacation, be sure to check out my social media platforms listed on the bottom of this post. (I recommend following my Instagram and Snapchat if you’re looking to keep up with the trip progress.)

Anyway, today I’ll be doing The Secret Life of a Book Blogger tag.

I was tagged by these two lovely people for this fun tag: Heather @thesassybookgeek and Summer @xingsings. Thanks so much ladies! So, here’s my not-so-secret-anymore life as a book blogger.


How long have you been a blogger?


I’ve been blogging since October of 2014, so about a year and half. It’s been a crazy fun journey, and I’ve not only learned so much about this wonderful online community, but also a great deal about myself in the process. I cringe when I go back and read some of my early posts or glance at my many attempted structures, but it’s all been a grand learning adventure.

At what point do you think you will stop?


At this point, I honestly have no idea. I want to say never. But who knows? I love my blog, and I love being able to get my thoughts out somewhere. I don’t foresee that ever changing. But, if anything, I won’t be stopping any time soon.

What is the best part?


Fangirling with fellow bloggers and chatting about books and reading other people’s reviews and knowing that I’m not alone in my feelings. So, basically, the awesome community that everyone provides. I love this place.

I also love that it gives me the opportunity to keep my writing polished. As a writer, it’s great that I get to work with my writing, typically, 5 times a week, since I don’t always have time between non-writer jobs and other obligations to keep myself fresh and practiced.

How long does it take you to find/create pictures to use?

“Well that was tedious.”

Oh gosh, depending on what post I’m doing, photos can take anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours. This is especially true if I’m doing a tag, since I like to take all my own photos and add fun little props into them. Still, I enjoy every minute of picking out the books and photographing them. It’s tedious, but fun!

Who’s your book crush?


I’m going to go with the one that everyone basically already knows about me. Ron Weasley. I chose him, though, because I finally bought his Pop Vinyl! I’m in love. He’s even got his taped up wand.

What author would you like to have on your blog?


OhMiGosh literally any author that would like to be on my blog. Of course there are the big ones that would be a dream come true, but I’d love to have anyone!

If you’re an author, feel free to ask if I’ll feature you. Chances are the answer will be yes!

What do you wear when you write your blog?


Whatever I happen to be wearing. I’m not picky nor do I specifically seek out comfy clothes to blog in. It’s whatever and whenever.

How long does it take you to prepare a post?


Honestly, if I don’t get distracted, I can have a post ready in as little as 15 minutes. It’s easy because I pretty much have my routine planned and always know exactly what post I’ll be doing. So, if I didn’t get so damn distracted by the internet, I would have no problem cranking these bad girls out.

How do you feel about the book blogger community/culture?


As stated above: I. Freaking. Love. It. This community is filled with so many lovely readers and people that I relate to. Even if I don’t talk to someone often or at all, I still feel a bond with them knowing that we’re both about of the book culture. That is just so cool.

Also, it’s so awesome that I can talk to people from half way across the world about books and other nerdy things. It blows my mind that this community can bring such diverse people from far and near together with the same understandings. I’m so in love and I never want to stop blogging.

What do you think one should do to have a successful blog?


The first rule is that there are no rules!

Simply talk about what you want to talk about. There’s no pressure here to have to be someone you’re not to impress people. This is, overall, such an accepting community that you don’t need to be intimidated or overwhelmed by. Just be yourself.

It’s totally fine to not have things figured out. I rework my blog all the time. Coming up with new post ideas, themes, or structuring is totally fine anytime. Just give your followers a heads up so they know you’re blog is under construction.

Don’t be afraid to interact with others! That’s what this is all about.

Remember, everyone is here to express their thoughts and opinions. Don’t be mean or go on an insufferable I’m-better-than-you-tangent. It’s unappealing and not the purpose of this community.

Lastly, don’t worry about your blog traffic or your likes. Post what you want to post. Don’t get bogged down in the fight for page views and follower count. This is a place for you to feel connected not to feel like you have to impress anyone. Regardless of how many followers you have or how popular your posts are, someone who’s out there somewhere likes your blog and what you post. Make sure you are blogging for yourself and not what you think others want you to be blogging about. No matter what, you are doing well. Keep it up.

I Tag


I’m so sorry everyone, but I’m running short of time and have to be on my way to work, so I tag everyone who’s reading this post! Seriously, tag you’re it! I would love to read why all of you lovely people blog!

Up Tomorrow: Top Ten Tuesday

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Happy Reading!

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