Friday Favorites – 4/29/16

Woohoo, it’s Friday! That doesn’t make much difference for me since I work all weekend. But, there’s just something about it being friday that makes me happy.

This last week I went a little insane on the whole shopping thing. Since I got an extra part time job, I basically spent most of my first paycheck already.



So, here’s what’s been a happening (mostly outside of books) this last week.

Favorite Finds


See, I told you I went crazy!

The Lion King Tote Bag – Thrift Store Find – I picked this bag up at work (I recently started working at a thrift store) for $3.29. It’s brand with the original tags still attached!

Reversible Star Wars Hat – Target Find  Found on clearance for $3.88. How could I not get it? The reverse side has the empire logo.

The Merciless by Danielle Vega – Target Find It’s hard to see because of the glare from the light, but it’s the pink book. I’ve been wanting to read this book since I read a review of it on Heather’s (@thesassygeek) blog. And, finally, I came across it! It was only $8.79 at Target.

Star Wars Tshirt – Target Find This shirt was on clearance for $10.48. Of course I had to buy it!

Purple Sweater – Thrift Store Find It’s really hard to see, but there’s a purple sweater under the purple Star Wars shirt. I picked it up after work today. It’s brand new, original tags still attached, and I got it on clearance for $2.15. What a steal.

Star Wars Luggage Tag – Target Find It wasn’t on sale, but I do a good amount of traveling, so, for only $5.50, I had to get it. It says, “Not the bag you are looking for.”

Ron Weasly Pop Vinyl – Barnes & Noble Find – He wasn’t on sale, but I NEEDED him. Ron is my favorite HP character, so it was a must-buy. The price wasn’t horrible at, after my membership discount, $8.05.

Deadpool Hat – Target Find – This one, like the Star Wars one, was on clearance for $3.88. At that price, it was a necessity. (Plus, I almost bought it once when it was full price, but restrained myself.)

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 1 & 2 – Thrift Store Find – Another thing I picked up from work. $4.99.

Batman Shower Curtain – Target Find – I’ve been on the lookout for a new shower curtain for a few months now. Image how happy I was when I came across this one on clearance for $9.98. My shower is now referred to as “The Bat Cave.”

Johnny Cash Tank – Target Find – This one wasn’t on clearance, but I couldn’t resist it for only $14.48. Target has a bunch of fun tanks in stock right now. I had to restrain myself and only buy one.

DC Comics Figurine Key Chains – Target Find – These are so fun. They’re mystery key chains. They were 15% off when I was in there, so I got 2 for $10. I’m super happy because I got my 2 favorite villains: The Penguin and The Joker!

Batman vs. Superman Comic Collection – (surprisingly) Target Find – When I saw this was only $9.99, I had to buy it. I’m a huge DC Comic fan and the new BvS has reawakened my love for all things Batman and Superman (and DC in general).

Inkheart by Cornelia Funke – Thrift Store Find – Yet another after work purchase. This book is perfect condition, and I was able to snag it for 89¢!

The Entire Raven Cycle – Barnes & Noble Purchase – I’m finally jumping on board with this series, so I figured I’d pick up these books. I actually got a really good deal. Because I’m a member and had a coupon, I snagged the set for $25.

Literary Elements Bookmark – Library Book DiscoveryI actually found this in a Library book I checked out, so I kept it. No shame? 😛 So, it was Free!

Herbel Essence Hair Products – Target Find – These were $3.00 each and then BOGO 20% off. I was in need, so I snagged these right up.

Favorite Read

amuletvol1 amuletvol2

finally picked up this series and ASDHFL ;LKJAJK;A F 



Honestly, this was such a quick, fun, interesting, and high-intensity read. I’m super mad that I only checked out the first 2 volumes from the Library because I want to read more right this second. This is definitely a series I’m going to buy as soon as I can justify splurging on it, because I already know I’m going to want to read it many more times.

I definitely recommend this series to graphic novel and fantasy lovers. It’s fantastic!

Favorite Watch


Another week of no movies watched. However, I’ll recommend one of my favorite live shows (other than Conan). This comes on right after Conan, so it’s super easy to get sucked into watching each night. Yet, even if I miss an episode, I record all of them so I don’t actually miss any.

I love Christ Hardwick and this show is hilarious. It’s basically improv where 3 comedians face off each night to see who can score the most points. AKA, who’s the funniest. (Even though they’re all hilarious.)

This show is so funny it’s reduced me to tears from laughing so hard many a time.

You can watch full episodes (up to the last 16) online for free here.

Favorite Listen

I’m not typically a Megan Trainor fan, but I actually really like this new song. It’s got a nice beat and speaks truth.

It probably won’t make me want her other music, but I’ll definitely be downloading this song to my iPod.

Friday Facemask


I’m sad. I had a video too of me peeling of this facemask, but I don’t have the premium membership, so I can’t upload videos to my blog.

Still, as you can see above, this is me in my natural habitat, and my secret appears to be out.

You can follow me on snapchat right now @smashleyyy92.

The End

That does it for me this week. I’ll be back shortly with my typical Sunday Review!

Have a Lovely Weekend

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Happy Reading!


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