Friday Favorites – 4/22/2016

Stickin’ to it. Stickin’ to it. Friday Favorites is back again. I’ve gotten a really good response from fellow bloggers, and I absolutely love doing this feature, so it’s officially officially here to stay.

Did you all have a good week? Have any awesome finds to share or books to recommend?

Here’s what I came across. Granted, it wasn’t much. I started a part time job on top my freelance work this week, so it’s been a bit hectic. I’m also working on finalizing some final vacation plans. But, here’s what I was able to come across in the midst of this crazy schedule.

Favorite Finds


Books. These are the books I found on clearance at the used bookstore last Friday that I mentioned in my last Sunday Review post. The two comics were $3.00 and the others were all $2.00.I couldn’t pass them up.

Blades of GloryNight of the Living Dead, and Carnival of SoulsThese movies were another clearance steal from the bookstore. Each was only $2.00. I’m exceptionally happy about the Blades of Glory find because I’ve needed to replace my old, beat up copy for a LONG time now, but I wanted to find it cheap. My wish was finally granted.

C3PO Moleskin Planner. Another amazing clearance steal. It was on sale for $3.00! I can’t believe it. Well, actually I can. It’s a 2016 planner, so there are dates on each page. BUT, I’m a writer and can easily find something to use this for without having to worry about the dates. When do writers ever worry about dates? (They’re small and easy to overlook anyway.)

Shorts. These are both from Kohls. The black pair I ended up getting for $10, which is awesome, but the other pair I splurged a bit on. They’re from an Alice in Wonderland collection. How could I not buy them? Plus, they look super cute on!

My LootCrate. Okay, totally not a find, but I’m super happy it’s here! I was only in it for the Harry Potter and Labyrinth item, so I’m not super excited about the other things. But, I still love getting this little surprise box each month!

Favorite Read


I checked this out from the Library a few weeks ago and finally got around to reading it. I liked it very much and recommend it to Batman fans. It was a compelling comic that kept me hooked and quickly flipping pages until the end.

Despite a few minor complaints, I highly enjoyed reading these adventures.

Favorite Watch


Red, 2010

You’ve probably noticed by now that I don’t watch very many new movies and prefer to rewatch ones I’ve seen too many times already. This is, yet another, one that I’ve seen multiple times, but I did just watch it last weekend.

I. Adore. This. Movie.

I’m a huge action/adventure movie fan, especially when spies and secret government conspiracies are involved. And, this movie has it all: conspiracies…action…adventure…humor…strong female characters…Bruce Willis.

I am very rarely disappointed with a movie starring Bruce Willis. This is based off a comic book, but I’ve read it’s ultimately derogatory, boring, and unlikeable, so I haven’t attempted to read it.

Still, I highly recommend this movie to all my fellow thrill-seekers our there.


Favorite Listen

“If It Makes You Happy” by Sheryl Crow

This is my favorite Sheryl Crow song. I listen to it way more than I should. Actually, that’s not true. The limit of how much one can listen to this song does not exist.

It’s all about not having everything figured out, struggling with money as a young adult, and still being okay with your life and enjoying the little things.

That’s what I take from it anyway. Give it a listen and find out what it means to you.

Friday Facemask


In last week’s healthy skin care attempt, you can see Ghostface telling me that he’s jealous of my new look…mainly because he thinks I stole his. I was tempted to black out my eyes and mouth in this photo, but, HOLY CRAP did that look SCARY!

For more useless but sometimes funny snapchat updates you can follow me @smashleyyy92.

The End

That does it for my Friday Favorites this week. Like/dislike/agree/disagree?

I’ll see you (kind of? but not really) all again Sunday!

Have a Lovely Weekend

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Happy Reading!


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