Return of the Living Deadpool by Cullen Bunn

4.5/5 Stars

Thursday already? This week is going by too fast…just like every other week. (I suppose.) I hope you’ve all been having a good one!

I’m not going to delay this review any further with all my pointless chit chat, though, so let’s get too it.

This story picks up after Night of the Living Deadpool. (See my review here.) The story doesn’t pick up exactly where the first volume leaves off, though. Instead, years have gone by and Deadpool has awakened, not knowing who he is or what’s happening. Also, not knowing that he has created a race that turned out to be far worse than just an apocalypse filled  with zombies. In this humorous volume, Deadpool teams up with a teenager, Lizzie, and together they fight off the new-age zombie hoard.

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Wowza, I love this series. Is there going to be another book? Because that would be super cool. Although I didn’t like this compilation as much as Night of the Living Deadpool, it was a mere half star difference!

really enjoyed this continuation of the story. As most of you already know, I’m a huge zombie fan. If you weren’t convinced, the sampling in the above photo is just that: a sampling of all the zombie stuff I own. I don’t care what anyone says about it being overdone these days. I, for one, am super happy that there’s all kinds of zombie-themed stuff around versus when there was barely anything and I had to suffer and deal with my feels alone.

But, that’s not what this review is about. We’re here to talk about Deadpool and holy moly did I love this volume. Cullen Bunn always does good work on Deadpool.especially like the comics he writes because there’s always a super awesome female character.

In this collection, that person is Lizzie, and gurlll is she fantastic. I absolutely love Lizzie and her interactions with Deadpool. Not only is she strong, but she’s 100% multidimensional, also being weak and vulnerable at many points in the story. Plus, she’s at times, quite hilarious, enhancing how funny this collection is.

Along with the great characters, the plot and writing are fab. Yes, I just said fab. Don’t pretend like Deadpool wouldn’t use that word. There is just so much to praise about this book. I honestly cannot get enough of Deadpool! Especially Deadpool written by Cullen Bunn. And especially Deadpool with zombies.

And. Oh. Em. Gee. Seriously. All. the. References. There are so many great ones! Plus, I about died at the Shaun of the Dead one. It was a beautiful moment. They were all beautiful moment. Every moment I was reading these comics was a beautiful moment. 

The only semi-bad thing I can say about this book is that the storyline could have been just a smidge stronger. But, honestly, other than that, this was another perfect edition of Deadpool.

I highly recommend this comic bind-up to Deapool fans and especially those of you who are also zombie fans. Even if you aren’t huge on zombies, this series still has all the blood, gore, and humor that Deadpool fans have grown to love. You will not be disappointed with this story; I guarantee it.

Get your copy from Book Depository here for $11.33.

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